How to Use Photography to Enhance Your Blog and Boost its Readership

Blogging is a great way to carve out a small corner of your very own in the online world. Some people use blogs to let off steam about issues that are close to their heart. Others are more interested in keeping up with family and friends, perhaps via a travel blog, or even earning an income through monetizing their blog.

All of these are applicable to blogging, but without great images, your blog may struggle to attract a decent readership. Here are some tips to take your blog photography to the next level.

Ditch the Stock Photos

Stock photography has a place, but if you want to create a popular blog, you need to stop using generic stock photos. The problem with stock photos is that they are unoriginal. The photos you select could already have been used by hundreds of other websites. Readers much prefer to see photos you have shot yourself or even your own illustrations. It adds something extra to the blog and makes your blog stand out from all the others.

The best blogs have awesome photography. Posts are well-written, but the images that accompany the posts are amazing. Most readers are attracted by great imagery and will stick around if the photos are incredible. If you have zero experience of photography, you can learn some new skills by taking a short photography course at a local college or even via online tutorials. has some great tips for amateur photographers.

Invest in a Good Quality Camera

There is only so far that your photography skills will take you if you lack any decent equipment. Yes, it is possible to take stunning photos using an iPhone camera, but if you want to play around with exposures, you will need a decent DSLR camera. The images will be better quality and it’s easier to edit RAW files.

Once you have your camera, learn how to use it. The automatic mode is helpful if you want to capture images fast, but manual mode gives you far greater control over the images you take. Spend time practicing using your camera until every setting is second-nature and you don’t need to think about how to take your next shot.

Good Light is Essential

Lighting is essential, whether you are taking photos of your kids or amazing shots in a travel location. Natural light is always preferable, so if you want to take shots of food or products, choose a room with the best natural light and wait until the sun is out. Taking photos outside is often preferable if the light is good.


Think about your movement and angles. Frame a shot carefully and experiment with different compositions. The beauty of digital photography is that you can take hundreds of photos to get just one that works.

Lastly, use editing software to touch up your photos, correct lighting and exposure, and erase any small imperfections. It’s OK to edit photos before you upload them; everyone does!

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