Why a SIP solution will give you control of your calls back

by Emily on September 5, 2018

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Whether you are running an established business with a well-known profile or are boot strapping a start up from the ground up, you will know how critical a reliable phone system is.

Whether it’s being able to make outbound calls or to other company branches or locations or take the critical customer enquiries and sales orders, it’s possibly the most critical of our systems.

But what is the most up to date and reliable business telephony system for today with so many options available? 

SIP is one format that the most savvy and technically minded organisations are moving their staff across to in large numbers. SIP or Session Initiation Protocol is used to make voice calls over the Internet or other IP networks. A SIP address is just a unique identifier for each user on the network, like a phone number identifies a user on the global phone network or like an email address.

An SIP solution could help you control your inbound calls and brings many other benefits as the go-to communications method for the modern minded company.

Call Management

Using SIP trunking, call management is a breeze. Call routing and redirection is as easy as a click and can be as simple or complex as your own systems. SIP also allows for efficient call queuing and has designated call continuity plans for calls you simply cannot afford to miss or allow to go unanswered. 

There are also standard email alerts for missed calls and automatic diversions can be set up if any numbers are busy or people are unable to answer for any reason.

Caller ID

For data junkies, the time and location of callers can also be tracked to provide a broader customer information picture. This is alongside standard caller identification and can help you know when you are going to be busy and plan your staffing and response levels accordingly. 

Cost Control

From a financial point of view a SIP system also makes perfect sense. With savings to be made of up to 50% on line rental and up to 25% on the cost of calls themselves, money can be free up to be reinvested or spent elsewhere within the organisation. Internal calls within the organisation are free even for companies with personnel working across multiple sites.


Scale up or down depending on demand and business requirements. Add lines, remove them, split calls, keep existing numbers – you have the flexibility to mould the SIP system to your needs. The system also works with Skype for Business to directly connect it to the platform and make external calls to existing and new contacts.


The system combines the latest state of the art Internet security with business continuity, disaster recovery and emergency fail-safes allowing you to reroute calls to alternative locations quickly easily, and let your customers know when and where they can continue to keep in contact with you.

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