How The Best Sneaker Proxies Are Used

by Klaus on May 11, 2018

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If you check any private proxy provider’s offering, you will notice a large number of proxy types they have on offer. From cheap shared ones to the best sneaker proxies or social media proxies, it looks like there are proxy packages for almost all websites. If you wonder why, the answer is simple: these proxies are for sale to facilitate users access when restrictions are in place. For example, footwear selling websites, during their release of (already famous) limited-edition sneakers, see an exponential increase in traffic. And sometimes, this increase limits the ability of certain users and sneakers aficionados to purchase a limited edition pair of sneakers. This is where the best proxies come into play. With them, almost anybody can reach footwear websites on short time offerings of limited edition pairs of shoes. For those sneakerheads looking to grab a limited edition pair of sneaker, here’s everything there is to know about the best sneaker proxies.

What are sneaker proxies?

Sneaker proxies are virgin private proxies used for connecting users to sneaker or footwear websites during high-traffic periods when limited-edition items are released. The best sneaker proxies are also called virgin proxies because their IPs have never been allocated before. Thus, nobody used them before. In other words, these IPs are clean and will allow its user a connection without any imposed restrictions.

Furthermore, this is a major differentiating factor between the best sneaker proxies and regular private proxies. They simply have the ability to connect without any restrictions.

Where to buy sneaker proxies?

There are various ways in which to buy the best sneaker proxies. One way is to reach a proxy provider and check if they have shoe proxies or sneakers proxies packages on offer. Not all providers have such packages on offer, but there are more than a few able to supply them.

Another way is to check a proxy review websites like BestProxyProviders, where private proxy providers and packages are grouped based on their use as SEO, classified ads or sneaker proxies categories. Here, you have to option to choose from several tested providers offering dedicated and working proxy packages.

How are the best sneaker proxies used?

After buying the best sneaker proxies package, the next logical step is to actually use them to connect without any restrictions to footwear selling websites during peak traffic periods, when limited-edition items are released. And there are two ways in which somebody with a passion for great sneakers can connect.

  1. Manually, by using a browser, like Mozilla Firefox with a custom proxy configuration to send the traffic through the proxy server. To connect this way, one sneaker proxy IP can be used at a time.
  2. Using a sneaker bot. This is a more technical approach, however, there are commercially available sneakers bots that can be used without knowledge of coding or programming. These apps require the user to set the proxy within the app to send it traffic directly to the proxy server. The advantage of using such a bot is that multiple sneaker proxies IP can be used at the same time. Thus, the user increases his chances of grabbing a limited edition item for wearing it later with pride.

Should you use them?

To grab limited edition items you don’t need to buy the best sneaker proxies. Chances are that you can already connect without any restrictions to footwear selling websites. However, if you have connectivity issues or if you want to increase your chances of grabbing a pair of sneakers like no other, then you should consider these proxies. It all boils down to your Internet connection’s ability to connect and to how much you love limited-edition sneakers.

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