Is it time for you to open the doors for the overdue changes in the business?

Anything that has to survive in the fast-evolving world has to change at the same rate. We see that velocity reflected in communication technology, display technology, medical tech, education, international policies and global business. There is no reason why a small and new business like yours should not build its acquaintance with change.

Why is it important to look past the initial discomforts that change brings?

We understand how unnerving it can be for anyone to leave their comfort zone and step into an unknown domain where the machinery is new, software applications are up-to-date, and even the skill set demand is distinct from the previous “edition” of the enterprise. Yes, the immediate effects of drastic change can be somewhat unsettling and painful. Even the alteration of an office layout and cubicle count can be annoying for people working there for years. However, the process can accommodate more people, open up more walking space, make the area conducive to communication and reduce the electricity bill by placing the work desks smartly. Sometimes, small shifts such as these are necessary for the improvement of business. You have to see past the growing pain to realize the positive impacts of the same.

How has the evolution of technology changed enterprises forever?

Embracing alterations to business processes and operations can be a boon for the profit charts. Opening your arms to transformation can help your business stay on top of the current trends. Most importantly, it helps usher new opportunities right within your reach. Jason Guck, the co-founder of 5LINX, says, “Sometimes change is good. It can restore the passion when you are in a difficult situation”. The opportunity can help you find your passion once again, just in case it has been fizzing out off late. For instance – imagine the world without Skype and FaceTime. Officials would still be flying back and forth between states to collect current data. They would rely on the postal service or private courier for communications and bosses would still be giving dictations to their secretaries. Companies like Xerox and IBM have renovated the landscape of business and marketing forever. We can now follow up on our assets status, company updates and social media marketing right from the comforts of our home.

Why should your business accept the evolution?

Change can improve the efficiency of the workers of any organization. The only way to please your customers is by training your staff better in the ways of customer service. A satisfied customer is always a free promotion. Thanks to the integrated nature of online marketing and social media, just one mention of your brand name and an excellent review of your product from a genuine customer can influence the way people perceive your company. It still takes an incredible effort to start and maintain a business, but it requires even more work to keep a good reputation. It always opens the doors for new employees and new talent. Sometimes, embracing transformation can reduce the cost of operations of an already established and profitable business. In fact, according to business leaders, an enterprise that is afraid to change is really just afraid to succeed.

3 thoughts on “Is it time for you to open the doors for the overdue changes in the business?”

  1. Hi Emily,

    Change is the only constant thing in this world. Every single day we see new innovative idea and their implementation. While we get new methods, old methods sometime become obsolete. It is necessary to keep moving forward.

    Thank you for this post. Have a great day. 🙂

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