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by Guest Author on May 16, 2018

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While you are in an online business or just want to build an online portfolio of your work, the most important thing that you should look for is to have a user-friendly website and an effective landing page. The biggest mistake that most of the first-time business owners do while choosing the internet as their main source of profits to choose a cheap IT company that offers a really great quote to make their website. However, in order to get the best response from the customers, it is quite essential that you hire an experienced company who can build a proper landing page for your website so that more clients can contact you for work.

An experienced web development company knows the importance of a landing page and, what it takes to build a flawless landing page for a website. So, in addition, to make a brilliant and user-friendly website, it is also very important to build a catchy landing page. The landing page is typically the first page that a client sees when he first visits your website through the references to other websites. So, it is important to keep the visitor engaged enough so that he stays on your website instead of closing it and searching for another related website.

The landing page also has great importance in the website development, as it usually links to the other pages on the website.

Now once you are aware of the importance of landing page, let us have a look at the tips to build a perfect landing page.

1. Page load time

For a first time visitor to a website, the page load time has utmost importance. Nobody wants to wait for a page to load for more than a minute. So, make sure that you keep the landing page clean, so that the potential client can easily look at the info for which he has clicked on your website.

2. Proper links

Broken links are the worst thing that can easily kill your business. So, instead of building links and making them live before developing the resultant page, try to make the page on your server and then make them live at once. This will help you avoid the broken links, and it would be easier for the users to traverse through your website without any glitch.

3. Planned SEO

A landing page is a page which opens when the users click on the links on other websites. So, it is essential that you should have links that can redirect the users to your website. Search engine results, blogs, backlinks are some of the important things that you should look for while hiring an SEO company for your website. This can assure you to grab more customers from other websites and search engine results.

4. Legit info

Another important thing that you should keep in mind while developing a landing page that you should never bluff with the customers. Keep things straight and do not provide any fake info about your business. Although it may seem a common practice to include the services that are soon going to start at your company on the landing page, if it so, build a section about “services soon going to start” and list them under this section. This will help you gain the trust of clients and you can easily work with them with your true potential.

5. Industry standards

Following the latest industry standards is always a great thing while building a website or a landing page. This way you can be assured of getting full support from the latest browsers and you can use the latest elements that are introduced in the latest design packages.


So if you want to create a perfect landing page then you must have to take these things in Mind because if we go for a professional website developer for the creation of a landing web page then he/she must keep a deep focus on the above points while designing a landing page for a website. These methods are very useful in terms of SEO effort as well.

Guest article written by: Mr Santosh Kumar Gupta is a Business Head at leading web development company “Unicode Solutions Techno Pvt. Ltd.” which is situated in New Delhi India. This firm provides various services in IT sector like web design, web development, CRM and ERP etc.

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Samantha Baker May 17, 2018 at 07:18

This is a fabulous guide! Especially for a newbie landing page creator like me! Loving your tips on things such as page speed and of course the all important SEO. Would really love to design a landing page with a freebie for my newsletter!
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Kanika chanda February 2, 2020 at 16:26

This is a fabulous guide! Especially for a newbie landing page creator like me! Loving your tips on things such as page speed and of course the all important SEO. Would really love to design a landing page with a freebie for my newsletter!



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