Tips for an Impeccable Android App Development

by Klaus on February 23, 2018

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The mobile applications are a technological revolution that has been loved by everyone. It gives a user the power to interact and work on a whole another level. These tiny programs and software are really helpful in the fields of business, communication, entertainment, etc. And the fact that Google play store has the most app than any other app store makes it really popular.

According to studies, there are over 3.5 million apps in the play store. Android is also the most dominant platform in the terms of the largest user base. Android is prominent in countries like India, South Korea, China, Russia, etc which are some of the most populated countries on the planet making it the owner of over 80% world app market share. Android is not only easy for users but also for developers.

Android development is a lucrative field for developers. They are always finding new and innovative ways to develop quality applications. Although Android is easy there are many challenges that are faced by the developers and many new Android developers or fresh Android development companies have no idea how to tackle those challenges. Here are some tips that you can follow to tackle those challenges and employ an effective android app development.

Research the market

Researching the market for app idea is a wise strategy. If you look at other application’s users there will be something that would be in demand but wouldn’t be able to satisfy due to some physical issues. You can start your app by fulfilling those demands and you can grow. The user needs can give you an idea of how your application should work and how your services should deliver. If you research properly and look at user’s demands, you have better chances of developing your Android app.

Follow Google development guidelines

In December 2017, Google announced new development guidelines for developers. The issues like fragmentation and device compatibility have been attempted to solve with the help of these guidelines. These guidelines will help your app behave and feel the same way while constituting better UX/UI. This will help your end-users to understand your app’s working automatically hence reducing the complexity.

Book and reserve your app idea and app name

It is a vital strategy in app development since there are several app development companies that many times app names can match with each other. This phenomenon can cause a lot of trouble in your app store optimization process. Therefore if you have stumbled upon the application name or app idea, it is important that you reserve your idea and book you name in the app store. So other companies can know that the name has been taken.

Optimize your application

Users always hate when their application is slow or gets crashed. So it is important that your application is in a proper working condition. The design of your application is elegant and user-friendly. The speed and flow of your application also play a huge role in the user-friendliness and optimization of the application. Use of unnecessary features and variables can severely affect the optimization of your application. Hence the optimization of your app can be done easily if you employ an effective and expressive UX/UI design in your application.

Follow the latest app development trends

To maintain the prominence and profitability of your app it is essential to embed the latest app development trends and features into your application. Your application should support features like machine to machine communication, location-based Wifi services, wearable device compatibility, etc to emerge as the new best thing in the age that is ruled by the internet of things. You can employ big data analytics to understand the user’s needs and build Android application that can offer a personalized experience to the users.

Compatible with multiple devices

It is important that your Android app runs on multiple devices. Android introduces many devices that have different specifications such as screen sizes. Therefore it is not necessary that your application will run smoothly on all devices. So to maintain consistency among various devices, it is wise to use density-independency pixels or dip for short. Dip allows Android to automatically calculate the right amount of pixels according to the screen size.


Every Android developer must understand what fragmentation of devices in Android market is. Android has introduced several versions of Android and much technological advancement along with it. Now the applications that developers develop need to be compatible with the latest version but also needs to be compatible with older versions. Many developers ignore this and the application that the development is segmented to be compatible with the new versions.

Test the app utterly

The application should never, mind you “NEVER” be released without testing as it is extremely vital for the sustainability of the application. Having a bug-ridden application can assure you the best odds of application success. If you don’t have the workforce of app testers then you can outsource your application testing to other companies of Android app development in India who are renowned for their expertise and experience in application testing.

The Android app development process is easy for many experienced companies because of their experience and familiarity towards the technology, but for new Mobile App Development companies, these things are overlooked in the haste to publish their first application. This can cost the company the reputation and reliability of their services. These tips can help them tackle the challenges that they face during the android app development.

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