Top 3 Must Have Contact Center Solution Features for Highest Agent Productivity

by Emily on March 6, 2018

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Agents are the real asset of any call center or customer care centers. The skills and productivity of agents help customer care and support centers to not only delight its customers, but also to increase revenues and business. Thus, for any call center or support center, the most important task is to do whatever possible and required to increase productivity of the agents. The contact center solution comes with simple to advanced features to provide the required tools to an agent to work at his best. Different contact center software has a different set of features. Virtual call center software will reduce several harms by allowing your company to hire remote agents to manage your call center business serene of several staff at special and out of the way physical areas.

There are many features which all call center software has, but there are three most important features that will help you to improve productivity of your agent at best possible.

Sticky Agent

This feature will assure that the customer call is routed to the same agent with whom he had the last conversation. This is an advanced call center solution feature and it is not available in open source call center solutions such as VICIDial. Also, many contact center solutions don’t have this feature. However, the fact is, this is one of the most important features to not only improve productivity of agents, but also to improve the customer satisfaction ratio. As the agent is already aware of the client, his preferences and case history, it will take the least time for him to resolve the query or provide required assistance. This feature will decrease wrap up time, increase customer satisfaction and improve agents’ productivity.

Skill based Routing

This is a unique call routing feature of call center software that routes the call of customers to the agent who has required skills to resolve the issue quickly. As an agent has required skills to resolve concerns of the customer, this call routing method will work intelligently in decreasing call wrap up time. Also, the customer will be delighted with a prompt solution given by the agent instead of putting the customer on hold for long or transferring the call to another agent. The agents will be able to handle calls quickly. This will not only increase their performance, but it will also sharpen their skills and boost their confidence. All these will collectively increase productivity of the agents. This feature is also not available in all contact center solutions.

Predictive Dialer

It is an advanced call center solution dialer, which will work on a mathematical and predictive algorithm. According to this algorithm, the system will predict the number of calls will be answered and available agents to handle the answered calls. This way the contact center solution will assure each agent is assigned calls as soon as he wraps up his last call. This way, the system will assure to use the agents at their best. This is also an advanced feature of call center software and not available in all solutions.

Increasing agent productivity isn’t as simple as you thinking to work longer hours, taking few breaks, or work on the week off. These are the top 3 most important features which will help to increase agents’ productivity as well as delight customers. Make sure to look for these features in the solutions you buy.


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Olivia Trott July 23, 2021 at 13:26

Thank you for sharing such a nicely written blog. Improving agent productivity has always been a priority for businesses. Some other features through which agent’s productivity can be increased include
1. Incentivize agent performance
2. Analytics to reduce pressure off agents
3. Proper training of the agents
4. Giving authority to agents, so they don’t put customers on hold to resolve their queries


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