The Top Benefits of PAT Testing Your Appliances

by Emily on October 4, 2018

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Portable appliance testing (PAT) is a crucial process that is necessary for every business and home. You need to get a PAT tester if you want to keep your business, customers, employees, and family safe. PAT testing is a legal responsibility for all employees and employers and they must adhere to the regulations and rules set by the government. There are immense advantages in testing all electrical appliances regularly. Read on to know some of these benefits.

Reduce the risks of fire or electrical harm

Improve your business and home fire safety by ensuring electrical testing and building inspections are done regularly. Even if you had a pat testing when the business started, things get old and electrical appliance do never last forever. If any appliance looks dangerous or old, then get it checked or throw it away. Research shows that 25% of reported electrical accidents are caused by portable appliances in the workplace or home.

Helps protect your insurance

Most insurance companies will expect their clients to strictly adhere to the health and safety guidelines. If you have a home or business insurance, you need to PAT test or regularly inspect the appliances within your home or business. This way, your indemnity company will not void your policy. When customers or employees injure themselves using faulty appliances and they make claims, you will have to produce a certificate that proves you carry out regular PAT testing to your appliances.

Protects your belongings and your family

The top priority for any homeowner is to protect themselves and their family. If you rent a house, it is a legal requirement that your landlady or landlord provides regular electrical inspections and PAT testing to ensure that your home is habitable and safe. Additionally, PAT testing in WolverHampton is required to ensure safety precautions such as fire alarms are fixed and in perfect working condition within your house. These safety precautions and Pat testing are relatively affordable and they can help to protect you and your family.

Prevents the risk of electrocution

PAT testing will help to locate any faults in your electrical appliances to prevent any electrocution. You do not want your electrical appliances to cause damage or kill someone before you have them tested. Normally, PAT testing can be carried out on your electrical appliances and an inspection can also be carried out on the wiring installations. All these are essential because a fault can lead to electric shock and you want nothing like this to happen.

Enhance the asset lifetime value

Electrical technicians can help to spot any faults in your appliances early before they become a major problem. As a result, repairs can be carried out quite early and this will ensure that the electrical appliances are always in perfect working condition. When your appliances are working, you will be confident that they will last for many years. This will reduce the need and expenses of having to purchase a new appliance.

It is clear that PAT testing should be a regular occurrence in your business and office. If left neglected for too long, something small such as a failed or faulty appliance can destroy the business or make your home vulnerable or cause serious damage. Most people do not think that electrical inspection and PAT testing are necessary. However, they are highly recommended to guarantee the safety of the public and the security of people in their homes.

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Praveen Verma October 5, 2018 at 07:24

You have come up with an informative post. Happy to know about the benefits of Portable appliance testing. Yes, it is very necessary to test all home or office electronic appliances regularly because it can harm you, your business and most important your family. So, PAT testing should be in the top of our priority.

I know most of the electronic accidents are caused by portable appliances in the home or workplace. Here, I have gained much information about PAT.

Thanks for sharing this post with us.

Have a good day.
Praveen Verma


Sajid Akhter October 5, 2018 at 15:09

Hi Emily,

Excellent post. you have shared a very important piece of information. PAT testing is of utmost importance for the safety of our family and friends. It gives you peace of mind to use the products after they are tested.

Thanks for sharing, have a good day. 🙂



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