Top Facts and Stats about WordPress to know in 2018

Internet is always overflowing with new ideas and the knowledge database it holds is always filled up to the brim. Internet is just a “thing of wonder”. However, the advancements that are happening all over the globe related to internet makes it more useful and demanded every other minute second. It is a revolution that gives birth to more revolutionary things each passing day.

Coming of a blogging platform called “WordPress”

Website development platforms are a discovery of some passionate developers and WordPress was born out of same passionate team of developers who have made the life of other developers and designers more easier and hassle- free. Especially, WordPress CMS development services cater to the varied and diversified needs of the clients. Isn’t it overwhelming?

It lets the developers and the designers to create innovative websites for almost every type of website.

To add icing on the cake, WordPress theme customization services help the clients build the most tailor-made websites so that the branding and the identity of the business can be established easily. A website is a long-term investment by a business which should pursue the goals and vision it was conceived to do. Majorly, the goal is to add to the revenue of the business.

Incredible facts about WordPress are as following:

  • A pioneer in the website development services, WordPress started its life as a blogging platform on 27th May, 2003 which went on to become the favorite of the bloggers.
  • As soon as the later versions of WordPress were launched, it completely transformed into a power-packed CMS to become the most admired CMS of the developers and web designers.
  • You may be surprised to know but Twitter and Facebook came after WordPress. Hardly does anyone knows about this fact since the social media platforms always grab the spotlight better than the back-end operations more popular with the IT industry watchers.
  • And yes, your favorite shopping website eBay inc. has it’s website powered by our very own powerful WordPress.

A Star for Celebrities, Government as well as the Masses:

  1. As we always say, “WordPress is for all and everyone!” Whether it’s your favorite singing sensation Ariana Grande or Jay-Z or even better, Rolling Stones. They trust the power of WordPress that goes in sync with the popularity and responsibility as well as the spotlight and busyness of life they have to go through.
  2. 44.8% of the universities, colleges and schools in the whole world use WordPress as the powerhouse of their websites. Because they know it very well that the beginners can handle their own website on WordPress. They don’t have to invest in the help of experts if they want to edit and modify and even update their content.
  3. Every other entrepreneur- whether the owner of a small enterprise or a big one is impressed with the features and functionalities and the simplicity it has in its working is always liked by everyone including a layman.

Some more facts about WordPress:

  • The releases of WordPress are always named after Jazz artists.
  • BBPress, BuddyPress and GlotPress are the cousins of WordPress.
  • Have you heard about the camps of WordPress. WordCamp is the official WordPress event.
  • The speakers and organisers of WordCamp are all unpaid volunteers.
    1st ever WordCamp was organised in 2016 by Matt Mullenweg.
  • With very new year, comes a new theme. Yes! You see a new WordPress default theme every year.
  • Gutenberg is the new editor of WordPress that comes with WordPress 5.

To Conclude:

WordPress is a website development tool- the most popular CMS which has won the heart of millions and billions of people across the globe. No wonder, the facts we have mentioned above, are sure to make you feel mind boggling.

Guest article written by: Sophia Phillips is an expert frond-end & WordPress developer. Currently, she is employed with WordPrax, PSD to WordPress development company in USA. Sophia has had written a remarkable number of articles on WordPress tricks and tips. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest.

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