Why Vaping is Better than Traditional Smoking

by Klaus on August 16, 2018

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All of us know that a regular cigarette is a paper tube containing shredded tobacco and a filter on one end; however, many people have no idea what a vape smoker is inhaling from. The terms vaping and electronic cigarette has led to a lot of confusion for many people, mainly because they assume that an e-cigarette is a high-tech variation of the conventional tobacco cigarette. However, this assumption is totally wrong.

In this modern day and age when everywhere you turn there’s some sort of device or gadget being used, you will definitely notice that more and more people seem to prefer vaping (with the use of a product called electronic cigarettes) over the traditional smoking cigarettes. The word ‘vaping’ was coined due to the inhalation of vapors instead of smoke.

Electronic cigarettes were actually designed as a substitute for regular cigarettes. Most of the time, those who think about buying an e-cigarette are either recreational or hardcore smokers already. They ponder on using e-cigarettes specifically for health reasons, or they just aim to quit smoking for good.

There are actually many benefits when one switches from traditional smoking to electronic vaping. You can still have your nicotine fix through vaping while enjoying the many health benefits over traditional smoking such as eliminating the smoke stink, avoiding teeth stains, not having to deal with the possibility of causing a fire, and overall improve your health and breathing.

Benefits of Vaping and Why it is Better than Traditional Smoking

  • Say goodbye to bad odor, teeth stains and discolored skin

A traditional cigarette’s tobacco scent and smoke chemicals is very powerful and this manifests in a smoker’s clothes, lungs and even their breath. Anyone who smokes know that these chemicals are not good for their health, discolors and dries up the skin, stains the teeth, damages the lungs and interrupts the normal circulation of blood.

The burning up of nicotine, tar and other nasty chemicals makes these substances stick to just about anything, leaving a bad smell in their wake even after the smoker has finished his cigarette.

On the other hand, vaping involves vapors that are inhaled, leaving little to practically no smell at all. The vapors disperse into the air, their scent fading quickly or just leaving a slight scent of pleasant fragrance that vanishes quickly.

  • Save Money

Who doesn’t love the idea of being able to save cash while still being able to have your daily dose of nicotine? When you switch to vaping, it saves you a significant amount of cash. Everyone knows that tobacco products can be quite costly, especially if the user is a chronic smoker. They are willing to spend several hundred dollars on a monthly basis just on tobacco.

When it comes to vaping, buying a kit will last for a long time already, especially if you choose a quality brand product. The expenses to vaping would be on atomizers, batteries and e-liquids that can cost anywhere from $20 to $50, depending on how often one vapes. By switching to vaping instead, it has been estimated that one can save at least half of the money spent on regular cigarettes.

Take note that as technology advances, new vaping products will only get to improve and perform even better as well as they also can become even more affordable.

  • Opens up a world of variety

One of the best benefits of vaping is that users can select their preferred styles and flavors. There are many different methods to vaping, and each comes with a special device having its own unique features and accessories. Vape users can also choose the appropriate nicotine level that they need to help them avoid cigarette smoking once and for all.

  • No more ashtrays, lighters, open flame and fire accidents

Since there is no real burning involved, vaping is actually much safer than regular smoking. You definitely have heard some news before about fire-related incidents that have been caused by a mere cigarette not entirely put out and carelessly thrown away by its user. With an e-cigarette, you won’t ever have to be prone to accidentally burning yourself or others from an open flame or hot point that can burn up, leave holes in clothes and items, or start massive house or brush fires.

  • Social Approval

In today’s time when people are becoming more health conscious and genuinely care about the environment, smoking a cigarette is now considered a horrible vice with several laws and legal restrictions that aim to deter tobacco smokers.

According to the World Health Organization, around 600,000 people die yearly due to second-hand smoke exposure. Bhutan, Costa Rica, Colombia, Uruguay and Malaysia are some of the many countries that have imposed very strict anti-tobacco laws. In Bhutan, if you’re found guilty of the offense, you will be slapped a sentence of 3 to 5 years in prison without any chance of being granted bail.

The odor coming from electronic cigarettes is much lighter and pleasantly tolerable for those around you. If you’re a chronic cigarette smoker, for sure your habit can make a negative impact on your social life, most especially if it turns out your partner is a non-smoker. Smoking a tobacco product is considered to be irresponsible, rude, and despicably intrusive when done indoors and close to people that do not smoke.

  • Improved Health, Lung Capacity and Breathing

Standard cigarettes are comprised of various chemicals and substances that are detrimental to your body and health. Even though both contain the addictive substance nicotine, there is evidence suggesting that vaping or the use of e-cigarettes is safer and not as harmful to one’s health when compared to smoking cigarettes, because there’s significantly less toxic chemicals contained in them than in a tobacco-filled cigarette.

Research has shown that smoking cigarettes can cause heart disease and stroke, pneumonia, circulation issues and cancer. According to a study published by the NHS, long-term vaping is ‘far safer than smoking’. After switching to vaping, people reported feeling better already, saying they were less irritable, their skin looked better, they had improved circulation, improved sense of taste and smell, and they were coughing much less. Several other studies have concluded that vaping is definitely much safer and not as detrimental to one’s health as compared to smoking tobacco.

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Sajid Akhter August 16, 2018 at 15:10

Hi Klaus,

Great post! Vaping I guess can be very beneficial to smokers. It can save them from lot of dangerous disease. It will give them an alternative and help them quit smoking.

Thanks for sharing, have a great day. 🙂
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Ava February 19, 2019 at 12:18

E-cigarettes, Electronic Cigarette Smoking are being marketed as the “safe” new alternative to conventional cigarettes.


Natalia John March 15, 2019 at 08:14

I can’t agree to the title of this blog . every thing comes up with few pros and cons and for me smoking can never be justified with any thing.


Ava keeton July 25, 2019 at 08:08

Yeah Indeed! Vaping is much better than smoking. Nowadays people are vaping for quit-smoking and it actually works. Its cost is also low than a cigarette and available in a wide variety. Continue sharing!



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