Is WordPress Any Good For Creating An E-commerce website?

Yes, wordpress is good for creating an e-commerce website!

Wondering why?

To know more, consider this piece of writing to enrich your knowledge about wordpress and its tools.

WordPress is most certainly one of the best platforms to build an ecommerce website. It is easy to use, it is robust and it can handle any size of website given. It hosts given website very properly.

According to recent stats, a wordpress has approx 40% market share among all the ecommerce platforms. Among all wordpress tool, wordpress theme is one of the most vital elements.

As, a professional-looking theme gives the visitor a great first impression. When you choose a good theme, people can see that you care and value their opinion of your website.

It is very amazing to see that many of business owners do not use a properly coded WordPress theme. Using a properly coded theme on a WordPress powered site is very important without any doubt.

Thus, below are a few reasons to use wordpress which will encourage you to choose the wordpress services for your ecommerce websites.

Just have a look;

Easy to Use

WordPress is very simple and easy to use. Once you get your website completely developed from a professional, you can easily take it from there and add, delete or modify.


WordPress allows you to build any kind of website, whatever may it be, a blog or a website or an online community and forum or an ecommerce website.

Numerous Plugins And Extensions

After developing website through wordpress, there are thousands of plugins available to add simple or unique functionality to the website. If you want to make custom plugins for your ecommerce website, the option of customization is always open from the wordpress.

SEO Integration

WordPress gives you an incredible experience of SEO with SEO available plug-ins. As, wordpress itself takes care of 80-90% of search engine intricacy.

Social Media Optimization

With wordpress, connection with social media platform became easy, wordpress is easily integrated with social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, and many more…

Extensive Support

WordPress is most widely used open source CMS, and thus it boasts of a large, growing, and very supportive community of developers and users. For quick help, you can easily contact by posting query on the forums.

Help in Comment and Publishing

WordPress gives you a freedom to post immediately or you can schedule them for later. You can also choose to alter publishing dates and even hide them if you wish.

If talk about comment system, it is in-built in it, where visitor can post comments and replies. To communicate with visitors, you can also set access levels or criteria for commenting.

Why WordPress Theme is Vital in Ecommerce Website Creation?

Your theme is a face of your WordPress site and plays an important role in how users as well as search engine perceive it.

However, choosing a perfect WordPress theme is a comprehensive task. In addition to that, for selecting a nice design, you also need to check whether it is properly coded, responsive, SEO friendly, and easy to use.

There are many different factors that can make a WordPress theme standout different among others, whether it is free themes or premium themes.

Online visible presence

Before you select any theme, you need to match free or premium themes with your requirements and your style. There is no point of having theme that doesn’t suit the type of your blog that you are write or product that you are promoting.

Thus, if you are unsure while selecting theme, taking an expert advice is always recommended.

  • Use Of Widgets: WordPress uses widgets to help to control what appears on the sidebar without having to edit the code of your theme. However, some WordPress themes do not support all widgets, so make sure that you check before you select the theme.
  • Built-In Newsletter: the best WordPress themes have in-built newsletter function. That allows visitors to join up the website by sign up for regular newsletter. Good theme supports the entire process from sign up to the newsletter delivery.
  • Compatibility With Web Browser: not all WordPress theme works to all web browser. For instance, if you are blog visitors by using safari or opera, they may be prevented from reading your words by poorly constructed themes. Thus, it is advisable to pick theme that supports all web browsers.
  • Video Compatibility: most of the business owners need video function on their website or blogs. So, with the best themes, it will become possible to post embedded YouTube clips directly into a blog or websites.


In the end, starting an online store is most exciting and viable business model. And it is better to start your online business with WordPress. As, WordPress is one of the better option because it is open-source CMS, total control over your site, and also offers plenty of free and paid services.

Guest article written by: Daniel Clark is a VP of Marketing at Kodematix, wordpress experts for hire. Daniel likes to be busy with his team for delivering top web design and development solutions to small business and startups globally.

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