10 Easy Ways to Generate Content for New Blog

You’re a blogger, and like any blogger, you want to draw in as many readers as you can. Of course, the best way is to constantly write exciting content which people will want to read and share. However, regardless of how enthusiastic you might be, you will still have trouble creating quality content every week. There are far too many distractions that make us drift away and lose purpose or clarity. These last two are very important to any new blogger. You cannot allow yourself to waste the reader’s time with content that’s neither here nor there. If you want to make a strong impression on your readers, you must have both clarity and purpose. In other words, you must build a strategy to improve your new blog and gain readers.

But what ideas can you use for your new blog? Who can give you the best pointers into building your blog, whether it’s a business blog or a personal one? At Promotional Keyrings.org, we have figured out the answers to these questions.Listed below are 10 ways in which you can generate content for your brand new blog. These practical ways can help you think up new ideas for content, as well as maintain focus on writing the blog.

New Blog Building – the 10 Ways

1. Be an Active Redditor

Reddit, despite some of its flaws, is a brilliant platform where you can find what the current trends are. It’s also a good way to understand how readers function and what they want.

Much like other platforms, such as Facebook and Tumblr, Reddit is popular and generates millions of visits. You can use this to your advantage, as it can provide you with sources for content ideas. Naturally, the best thing to do is to appeal to your audience that happens to frequent Reddit. If you do, your blog traffic will grow exponentially.

2. Observe Your Competition Closely

As a new blogger, you ought to be aware that, whatever topic you’re covering, there’s already a blog about it somewhere. Your next task is to find blogs that write about that same topic, but which generate more traffic. You ought to pay attention to what the authors on these platforms blog about, as it might be some things that you yourself aren’t covering.

It pays to keep an eye on the competition. Any businessman will tell you that. For instance, you can cover a topic, but that same topic can already exist on a different blog, where the writer went into more detail and gave the readers some more interesting and engaging info. By looking at what the others are doing, you can be that blogger that offers “a little extra” when writing about a certain subject. In addition, you can offer a decent rebuttal if your competition offers information about the topic you disagree with.

But be careful – don’t copy their work. Don’t even try to make it similar to theirs. What they do should only serve as potential inspiration for your own work. Anything more than that would be plagiarism, and plagiarism isn’t just lacking in creativity, it’s also highly illegal. Pay attention, but do not steal.

3. Utilize Online Tools

Each blogging platform offers their users a wide range of writing tools. Some sites offer keyword research, others provide random topic generators for blogs. Do not let these tools go to waste. Take the time to research how they work, and then try to use them as often as you need to. If, for instance, you run out of writing ideas, merely use one of these generators and your writer’s block is gone. It’s a legal, neat little way to continue pumping out relevant content.

4. Join Social Media Groups

Platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook have what are called online groups for various topics. These groups focus on specific niches and normally have members that deal with them on a regular basis. Paying attention to their discussions will help you make content for your new blog.

Naturally, you will want to look for groups that deal with your particular topic or any related topic. Make sure they’re covering subjects that you want to cover on your own new blog. But don’t go crazy and join too many of these groups. Your first goal is to develop the blog and have a set calendar of new content. Making friends will come later, but for now, focus on content creation.

5. Comment Sections Are Your Friend

Most people tend to skip the comment sections, as they can contain bot-generated ads, troll comments, or irrelevant gibberish. But if you’re new to blogging, do not, under any circumstances, avoid reading through your comments. Believe it or not, comments by other users can give you new ideas that you might not have thought of yourself. People who comment on your blog will most likely be people who are interested in your particular niche, and some will even be experts in it. Their potential ideas will be valuable to your work.

6. Visit Events

This step includes classic networking and socializing. If you’re active and engage in many different activities, you will find interesting topics to write about more easily. Pay close attention to what happens at trade shows and conferences. Speakers at these events can inspire your writing in ways you never knew were possible.

7. Love Thyself

Do not write about things you don’t care about. We’re not talking about the writing of things you dislike – those texts can even be useful. What we mean is, don’t write about things that you find boring. More than likely your readers will be bored reading it, too.

What you must do is be your own judge. Be harsh to your shortcomings, but try to write a product that you will love when you put it on the proverbial paper. You ought to be the one to enjoy your writing first, before any of your readers.

It’s also important to be natural with your writing style. Don’t try to write like someone else. Write in a way that feels most natural to you. Use your own talents in terms of fact and statistics presentation, storytelling, and humor. Readers can pick up on that quickly, so try to maintain this level of writing in every post.

But, you might be a person whose temperament doesn’t match the brand or business aims of your blog. In that case, you should hire a writer whose vision does reflect your brand, someone who can fit with your new blog’s purpose.

8. Reuse Old Content

It pays off to see which articles your readers loved the most. If one particular topic appealed to readers, you can reuse it at a later date. That way, you can breathe new life into an old topic, and in a sense reconnect with your users.

What you do with old content isn’t just reposting it. You need to include different ways which make your content stand out even more. Always try to strengthen content you’ve already written, and transform it into new media that you can share. It’s a great way of producing content without thinking of new ideas, and it’s both time-efficient and cost-effective.

9. Use Social Media

Social media is huge. We’re talking hundreds of millions of users posting content by the second. If you need new ideas, follow popular Instagram hashtags or discuss things with your followers on Facebook.

With social media, you can quickly gather any data you need which can help you build your new blog. You can learn what the denizens of the internet like to read, how they normally feel, in what ways they react, and how they usually engage with blogging content. In addition, social media is the perfect way to pay attention to your target readers. You can observe what they do and how they behave, and later use that to your advantage when producing new content.

10. Brainstorm

You’re aware of what brainstorming is. All you need to do is implement it and use the results for your new blog content.

One of the ways you can brainstorm is to gather your family, friends, or co-workers and ask for help. You can discuss potential ideas with them, and you can even make these meetings a semi-regular thing in the future.

But not everyone can brainstorm with others. To some, the best way to get ideas is to just sit down and be at peace with themselves. If you’re like that, find yourself a quiet corner that allows you to think creatively. Sit there for a few moments and let your mind wander. You’ll be surprised as to the number of ideas that will come flowing to you.

A Note at the End

Any new blog needs quality content, and it’s not always easy to produce regularly. The best thing to do is to decide what your goals with the blog are. Decide what you want to blog about, and what the main goal behind it is. When you do, you can easily discard anything that slows that goal down. These ten ideas ought to help you focus on crafting a great blog, as well as continuing to produce quality content for interested readers.

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