What is the difference between a Gaming mouse and a Normal mouse?

A gaming mouse has some advanced features which are very important for a gamer.

Generally, A gaming mouse has Programmable buttons, high DPI, macro keys, faster response time, and higher sensitivity allow the gaming mouse to perform better than a regular Mouse. The quick actions make it more comfortable to enjoy gaming using a gaming mouse.

If you are an avid gamer then might already know that how important is to have a gaming mouse. If you are a beginner and don’t know the difference between a standard mouse and a gaming mouse, here, you will get your answer.

A gaming Mouse detects how much you have moved and adjusts the cursor speed accordingly. Because it has laser sensor and high DPI.

What is the difference between normal Mouse and Gaming Mouse?

Only a gaming enthusiast can find out the difference between a gaming Mouse and a standard Mouse within a single glimpse. The gaming mouse is always larger and does not easily settle in a palm. That’s why you should always buy a gaming mouse according to your palm size. As I said, a gaming mouse has some extra features like High DPI(dot per inch), low latency, high durability, etc.

DPI (Dot per inch):

DPI measure pointer moving distance for a specific length. If your mouse DPI is high, then your mouse sensitivity will also be high.

Macro Keys:

Some of the gaming Mouse also has additional buttons towards the sides so as to make quick movements during gaming. The keys are optimized specially for gaming which is called macro key. This is for extra functionality like interaction, reloading the gun, etc.  It is not necessary to have the same key on all gaming mouse.


A good gaming Mouse uses laser sensors technology to keep up with the faster movement. It allows you to play high-end games like call of duty. It’s all about the gamer to choose a normal Mouse or giving one to do the needful. Every gaming Mouse comes up with different features that can either intensify your gaming experience or make it worst.

The gaming Mouse comes with sensors and some driver software to make you Snug while gaming. Research showed that consumers generally have a preference for larger sized gaming Mouse.

Ergonomic Design:

The ergonomic design of a gaming Mouse entertains lesser input lag. In other words, the moment you enter your response, it would input the same immediately to the computer. It takes around 25 / 1000 of a second to process the input so that you can conveniently give a throwback to the enemies while playing games. The normal Mouse comes up with two buttons, and scrolling takes time for movements. They are smaller in size and generally have a slow response rate. Also, the cost of a gaming mouse in comparison to a normal Mouse is always higher.

Most of the avid gamer buy gaming mouse larger than smaller one. One thing you should keep in mind that generally, a gaming mouse is bigger than a normal mouse. Because a gaming mouse has a lot of great functionality than a normal mouse.

Advantages of a Gaming Mouse:

Now let me tell you the advantages of a gaming mouse. A single click of a gaming Mouse can help the users to attack, target and initiate some important actions. A gaming mouse has high sensitivity, smooth scrolling which is important for gaming. A gaming mouse has button customization option. But, a normal mouse has only two buttons.

A perfect gaming Mouse allows you to enjoy the best gaming experience. You do not require software to do things accordingly if you have a gaming mouse. Logitech, Razer, ASUS, CORSAIR  are the most popular gaming mouse manufacturing brands. I am using the Logitech G903 and I love this model.  They have added a lot of great features to make this model perfect for a gamer. You should always buy a gaming mouse as per your needs and budget. So, that’s all about the difference between a normal mouse and a gaming mouse.

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    I am very happy to read this content about gaming mouse and normal mouse. You have well explained the difference between gaming and normal mouse. Yes, gaming mouse comes with advance programmable buttons which is perfect for gamers.

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  2. Didn’t i’m missing so much on quality. I’ve been playing games using a normal bluetooth wireless mouse and thinking about changing to a gaming mouse which is more expensive. I think i’ll definitely consider buying one now. Thanks for this info!

  3. Great playing games for last five year and Beleive me A good gaming mouse is essential for every gamer I strongly recommend you never achieve that much accuracy with normal I used Logitech g502 and its Perfect for me

  4. The difference between a gaming mouse and a normal mouse is that a gaming mouse will be more sensitive, more responsive and generally have more buttons than a normal mouse

  5. The difference between a gaming mouse and a normal mouse is that a gaming mouse will be more sensitive, more responsive and generally have more buttons than a normal mouse. It will also be more ergonomically friendly, and it is likely to last longer as well.

  6. well written article about difference between mouse and gaming mouse due to technology change on each of them with different functionality

  7. I think sensitivity is the main point of consideration here. I sometimes, while playing a game, increase the sensitivity of my work mouse.


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