How Will Artificial Intelligence Influence the Internet?

Human ingenuity has always been at the center of what the future may hold for all of us. With over 200,000 years of progress as a species, man has achieved a lot when you consider all the struggles we’ve endured – plagues, poverty, wars, social and economic unrest, and so much more. From caves to skyscrapers, from foot to commercial airlines, from earth to the moon, and the list goes on. Regardless of the industry we belong to, from telecommunications to medicine, our standard of living has increased across the board. Sure there may be some environmentalists that would gladly debate this topic. Today, the greatest minds in the world debate the creation of Artificial Intelligence and how it’s deployed throughout the world. What keys will AI bring us to unlock the future and what will its effect be on the world?

At present in its most basic form, we frequently refer to AI as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Netflix’s predictive technology for viewer suggestions, Pandora’s listener suggestions, and Tesla cars. AI can be frightening for many who think that man wants to play God, but that’s necessarily the case. As humans, it is our curiosity for the unknown sometimes gets the better of us, but it’s this same curiosity that allows us to experiment with our own ingenuity. Let’s take look at what the influence of AI will be on humanity’s most widely used tool – the internet.

Enhanced Analytics

Artificial intelligence is all about ‘machine learning,’ which means self-improvement on every task performed and limitless possibilities. But one thing we’re sure about is that analytics and data will be enhanced exponentially, which will result in better calculations on a multitude of levels and for various industries. Combine this with the power of the internet and voila, you have got the perfect recipe for the next GPT (general purpose technology).

Integration with IoT

When we talk about AI and the internet there is no doubt that the global economy will be a part of the influence as well, especially if we integrate it with IoT or the Internet of Things. With AI being progressively incorporated into all forms of technology, we can expect a lot of disruptions – but mostly in good ways. While ethical considerations may come into play, if make sure that we ‘’humans’’ remain in the driving seat of this technology, then we should be fine.

Faster Internet

Researchers at MIT have recently discovered that the integration of AI with the internet will lead to better internet trafficking. Referred to by human engineers as ‘Remy,’ this AI outperforms all previous iterations by taking control and making improvements in the TCP (transmission control protocol), which is often observed as the core of internet governance. This is solely due to the fact that machines are more at home when asked to perform navigation through search spaces.

Public Services

The deployment and delivery of public services may change altogether if things go completely automated, which will have world governments considering the implications. AI lets you sit back and relax by taking control, but control is what we really care about. Public services like education, the judicial sysytem, banking, utilities, and emergency services, are all prime suspects to be hit first with AI, as the internet and AI will soon come together for the ‘rendezvous’ of the century.

Confrontation with EU

The European Union comprises 28 member states, and it is the world’s largest online market. AI is already making online internet services clearer with Google’s search engine algorithms and Facebook’s News Feed Generator. There is no doubt that we’re heading for a confrontation because the EU has strict policies against personal consumer data. They have a safeguard in place against usage of this private data and this may turn out to be a never-ending debate.

Making Sense of It All

Surprisingly, AI may not be as farfetched as many people think. AI could very well help mankind solve its own puzzles, like the purpose of life or mankind’s ultimate destiny. With an endless stream of data being analyzed by AI, the analytics and results will be more affluent in the forecast than anything ever seen before. It will be like watching a big baby with an inexhaustible capacity feed itself as we watch it grow every second.
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We are currently living in a heavy technology-saturated world and there’s no turning back now because every step backwards will lead to further degradation. AI is a thrilling concept and its deployment through its integration with the internet will create limitless possibilities, opening doors for us that we never even dreamed of.

Guest article written by: Jenny Wilson

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