11 Sites for students to Learn New Skills Everyday

As a student, struggling with dissertation writing, how can you learn new skills? You pick it up from your studies, learn from your hours spent in college, or via your time at a part-time job. More than that, you have another source where you can find help from, the internet.

The internet as we know it is a storehouse of information and knowledge. It is a place where you can learn new ideas, and as a student, new skills that can help you build a career and better life.

The classroom is not the only option for students to learn today. In fact, online education tools too, play an essential role in the way we learn. All that is required is a steady internet connection for these sites to empower and create meaningful changes in your lives.
Hence, here are 11 Websites that you as a student can visit online to learn new skills every day and move on ahead.

1. Duolingo-

If you are someone, who loves to learn new languages, then this is probably one of the easiest, best and free language learning apps. It makes learning fun with games, and everything is science-based. You can practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills as you go ahead. The application is also available for mobiles and is backed by a digital language proficiency assessment exam to test your knowledge.

2. Savvy.is

What are your personal goals? You can learn anything that you want whether it is playing the guitar, singing, coding, or anything else in between. The website offers one-on-one live learning sessions offered by expert coaches from around the world. The website makes it easy for you to find a teacher, who can suit your style and experience, also give you the opportunity to ask them questions before you book a session.

3. Skilled Up

Skilled Up curates online courses from other online course providers like Udemy, Lynda, Udacity, Edx, and other similar websites. Whichever course you might be looking for, you will find it here.

4. Udemy

If you are looking for an encyclopaedia for online courses for any subject or skill, this is your destination. Udemy offers several online courses to enhance your skills in any field, whether it’s writing, coding, marketing or anything else. The website has over 65000 courses, and 15 million students enrolled to take their knowledge of things one step further.

5. 99u

If you are creative and want to push your ideas forward into your work, then 99U can help you out. The website is full of insightful articles, videos, and workbooks from well-known experts coming from different sectors. The website takes its name from Thomas Edison’s famous quote “Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration,”. The website also comprises of a Webby award-winning web magazine, an annual conference, and the best-selling book “Making Ideas Happen.”

6. Ted Talks

Ted Talks is the best place to look for inspiration and ideas from experts in every sphere via short talks. The talks include motivating short talks and lectures about everything from leadership, passion, life goals, latest updates, and a lot more. If you have not visited Ted Talks as yet, it’s time you start.

7. CodeAcademy

Have you always been curious about the working system of a website? Do you want to join in on the process of learning all the backend work, which is responsible for the beautiful looking websites online? If your answer is yes, visit CodeAcademy today and learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, and more for free.

8. Highbrow

Another platform for online courses to increase your knowledge bandwidth. The only difference is that the lessons are shorter, easily digestible, and delivered to your mailbox daily each morning so that you can read them whenever you are free. Choose the topic that you want to excel in and High Brow will present it to you. This website is not all free, and some courses will cost you money.

9. Skillcrush

This online classes platform offers participants 12-week courses in web designing, coding, and other digital skill that can get you useful career options. Skillcrush can make your dream job a reality irrespective of the background that you come from. The platform already has around 1 million students enrolled. When you love your job, you don’t work a single day in your life, and Skillcrush understands that. So, whatever you learn from here can be put to practical use and increase your chances of getting an awesome career.

10. Treehouse

There is a whopping number of 169,000 enrolled with Treehouse, a platform that teaches you everything you need to know about building a website or phone application and even to launch an online business. The website is well-equipped with over 1,000 online classes on these topics that students can explore and used for their career in future. Courses range from beginners to advanced, and so you can choose to start from wherever you are.

11. CreativeLive

As the name suggests, CreativeLive promotes the creativity of thought to its participants, offering them the best live classes undertaken by top experts. These experts come from every field of studies like artists, photographers, people in business, craftsmen and the like. CreativeLive has dual headquarters, respectively based in Seattle and San Francisco. The program is also available for mobile devices, making access to it easy anywhere and anytime.


Whatever that your aim in life may be, there is always enough room for new talent. You might be best in writing, but it would also be great to learn about coding as well. Imagine what a good package you would prove to be to an organization mainly because you are adept in both.
Learning new skills is always a plus point for your Curriculum Vitae as well as they help to catch the employer’s attention faster than others. Hence, wait no more and try out these 11 websites and find out what can suit you best or what your true love and passion is. They are all waiting for exploration.

Guest article written by:  Aditya Singhal is the co-founder of Godissertationhelp, a leading international online dissertation help portal. Imparting education, apart from being a business, is also a passion for Aditya. He is avidly indulged in helping students develop their skills and counsels them for their career aspirations. He is devoted to the social cause of making education available to the underprivileged by contributing a part of his revenue from Godissertationhelp towards their education.

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