Build Network Of Profiles With Profiles Management System


Profiles management gives the opportunity for any organization or institution to identify the various skills and achievements possessed by the faculty, staff and students. It is a necessary component for managing an institution. And it also gives an opportunity for faculty and students to showcase their awards and honours, creative work, teaching, research, publications, presentations and projects.

Now a days many industry and community partners prefer to check profiles of faculties and students online through institutions portal. So it had become necessary for university and college to maintain profiles of faculty, staff and students online for ease of search. A university is greater than the sum of its parts, so it also becomes necessary for the university to maintain other profiles like research center, equipment, laboratory, facility and technology to identify institution’s resources, expertise and capabilities.

Profiles Management System by Inknowledge Inc.

The Profiles Management System in Mentis provides a platform to let faculty easily describe all their teaching, research and service activities. Furthermore, it made these activities available online, for other faculty, students, industry and community partners, to easily search and find. Mentis is an open enterprise system for higher education that organizes data, automates processes and transform academia management. With Profiles Management System, university and college can easily maintain and manage research interest, publications, presentations, patents and other research activities of faculty, researchers and students too. These activities can be viewed in various inbuilt reports in Mentis from which insights can be drawn and provide them to administration. The Profiles Management System also helps research faculty to identify potential collaborators, expertise, projects, track core facilities instrumentation and intellectual property. It allows industry and community partners to find individuals with expertise and form partnership to solve problems together.

The Profiles Management System is useful for many departments of university and college like Office of Provost, Research, Chairs & Dean, Research & Planning, Distance Learning, Library and Community Service. It gives a comprehensive review of the research, teaching and service portfolio of your faculty and the rest of your campus. It also improves the transparency of your faculty’s performance and increases your return on investment. It helps faculty to maintain their CV online with latest publications, presentations and courses and showcase their expertise and accomplishments. Department websites can be automatically updated with the latest information about faculty and other department resources. It helps in research and planning by providing a single source for almost all institutional data to build own queries and reports in order to analyze data for institutional trends and fulfil external or internal reports or automatically push data to university websites with no effort at all. Institutions can track their performance in real-time. It helps in distance learning by providing the current syllabus of the particular distance education course along with the most up-to-date information about the faculty teaching it. It keeps track of the current intellectual products, tracks broader forms of publication data, mine expertise for the faculty staff and students. Integrate with your own institutional repository or leverage your existing institutional subscriptions to pull data. It provides a platform for faculty and your experts to showcase their scholarly and creative works. Besides all these, the Profile Management System helps to identify potential collaborators, expertise and track community projects.

Features of Profiles Management System:

  1. Profiles Management System provides a platform to showcase their teaching, research and service activities.
  2. You can create profiles for the research centre, equipment, laboratory, facility and technology, which complements with your people profiles to provide a complete and holistic view of the institution’s resources, expertise and capabilities.
  3. You can search any profile with real-time, full-text search with restful application programming interface (API) allowing for integration with any website or third-party application.
  4. Using the Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs, you can make any other system read data in Profiles directly from the browser or any other remote application. Rest API provides a simple, platform-neutral, high performance, stateless network interface to the public profile data.
  5. You get administrative options and complete access to the entire source code and granular level control of the data which makes the system fully customizable and adaptable to your unique requirements.

Guest article written by: Swapnil Darbe is working as Senior Data Analyst with Inknowledge Inc., providing solutions designed to increase the efficiency and success of educational institutions. 

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