The Best Startups in Argentina – Where to Watch?

In the past ten years, the Argentinian startup ecosystem has exploded at an unprecedented level, with more entrepreneurs from the country and from overseas investing in new business ideas and putting their great ideas into practice. Despite confidence in the country’s economy dwindling, investors are continuing to pour funds into Argentina as they see the innovations that can come from hard work, determination and unique business ideas. Below, we’ve rounded up just some of the most exciting startup businesses currently on their way to the top in Argentina.


One Argentinian company that has performed particularly well in the startup world is Trideo, which offers 3D printing on an impressive scale. For more than four years, the company has been developing and manufacturing 3D printers for consumers and businesses and has so far launched two low-cost hobbyist models, known as the Print box and Print box MAX, allowing users to create their own stunning 3D models and items from the comfort of their own home. With a training course included and learning software, these out-of-the-box printers are perfect for beginners, but starting at $56,999 plus VAT, they’re not cheap. Their professional models, on the other hand, are known as the Print box PRO and the Print box PRO EXTENDED and come with an extended warranty, greater printing capabilities and more. Companies such as Walt Disney, Accenture, Levi’s, and Lamborghini have already utilized the company’s services, and it appears the business is going from strength to strength after winning a string of industry awards.


One Argentinian company that has turned heads and truly made shockwaves in the industry is Synapbox, a company that uses facial recognition and machine learning to allow brands to better understand the emotional reaction of their content and digital presence. Rather than a brand spending weeks user testing their new products and spending thousands of dollars on flights, market research groups and third-party data, Synapbox offers an accessible and more affordable alternative and allows brands to test their content and get validation from consumers on a worldwide scale before they launch their new content and services to the public, which cuts down on time and ensures businesses can create the very best material that will have results.

Some of the world’s biggest brands, including Telefonica, Google, Coca-Cola, and BBVA have utilized the company’s technology, which not only demonstrates that Argentina entrepreneurs can be taken seriously on the world stage, but that investing in technology startups is a wise business move.

Biz Latin Hub

One company that has gone from strength to strength within Argentina, and indeed across the rest of Latin America, is Biz Latin Hub. The company offers a wide range of back office services for businesses looking to expand into new territories, covering everything from commercial representation and recruitment through to legal services and assisting entrepreneurs in the company registration process. Founded by British David Wright and Australian Craig Dempsey, the company now has a presence in Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, El Salvador and more, with plans to expand into the United Kingdom and Australia next.

Not only does the company take away the pressure of expanding a business into a new market, which can be incredibly challenging in order to compete with big brands such as Amazon and Google, but it offers a personal touch and ensures that businesses can thrive in their chosen location of expansion. As the world becomes increasingly competitive and more businesses are looking to expand their reach and attract a wider audience, there’s never been a better time to enlist the help of such business, and become a truly global enterprise with worldwide appeal.


Since then, the games house has launched titles such as Tap Knight, Safari Party, Snoopy’s Town Tale, Goosebumps HorrorTown, and Garfield, with more exciting games in development. Available exclusively on mobile devices through Android and iOS, the company makes its money through in-game advertising and microtransactions and has a large and loyal audience.
It’s rare to see a gaming company in Latin America secure the rights to intellectual property such as Snoopy & Charlie and Goosebumps, but Pixowl has bucked the trend and shown that gaming startups in Latin America should not be overlooked. The company, founded in Buenos Aires Province and since relocated to San Francisco, develops family mobile games and has attracted more than 35 million players around the world. One of the company’s most popular titles is called The Sandbox, helping it win the title as one of the Best Games of 2012 by Apple, and again in 2016. Using godly powers to create pixel worlds, users can destroy their universe, play with physics and more – the ultimate creativity and imagination game, rivalling Minecraft.


Mozio was launched as the ultimate city mobility app and allows users to book transport to help them get from A to B. Whether you’re looking for a shuttle, a taxi, an express bus or even a limousine, the company is Latin America’s alternatively to Uber and understands that each city has its own transport stack with unique routes and options that should not be overlooked. With an office in London and a base in Argentina, the company offers free cancellation on its rides, 24/7 customer service and allows you to search and compare to find the cheapest options.

It has been trusted by brands such as, Agoda, JetBlue, Accor Hotels and more, and by covering more than 2,000 airports around the world, it’s a truly accessible app that will no doubt go on to have worldwide appeal. The company has secured funding from a whole host of investors, including TechStars, Asset Management Ventures, Galvanize Ventures, and Plug and Play Media & Mobile, and now has a market valuation of around $12,500,000.

There are so many fantastic startup businesses to follow in Argentina, whether you are an investor or you’re thinking about launching your own. Remember to always research into your competitors before you get started, and localize your business to ensure it meets Argentinian attitudes and cultures before you get started. We wish you the very best of luck in your venture.

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