Data Recovery: Why It Is Needed and What Are Possible Solution

What is Data Recovery?

Data recovery is the process to restore your important data and files from any damaged and affected storage media. Data recovery is needed when any mishap occurs in sudden basis.

It could be virus attack, accidental deletion, header corruption, power failure and more. When these incidents happen, we may lose some important piece of information or cannot access the data because of corruption.

Storage media ranges from a hard drive, laptop, flash drive, SD card, and memory. They are very vulnerable to the corruption because they hold up electronic equipment and that is more likely to fail in any mishap.

Data recovery process goes through deep analysis and tries to find out the important information from storage media even if the device is not working.

Why Data Loss Occurs?

There could be multiple reasons for data loss in our storage device that could be understood as below:

Physical failure

It is a permanent failure of any storage media. It involves physical damage to the device and it results in inaccessibility of the data contained by the device. This kind of failure is very critical in nature and requires data recovery expert to get it done. In this case, complete recovery is not possible.

Logical failure

This kind of failure corresponds to file system corruption, OS failure, registry damages, and more. In this failure, you cannot access the damaged drive, but you get an option to view the data on BIOS or under Disk Management.

With no damage to the structure of drive, it has the best probability to achieve complete data recovery in this case.

Top Data Recovery Tool:

With technology continues to increase, a range of data recovery software is being developed every now and then, but one that I personally operated is here discussed below:

Datainfo Tools OST File Recovery

It is the most proficient software, which is developed to recover OST file that has been corrupted due to any reason be it a logical failure or physical failure. The tool is very friendly in nature as it is self-descriptive. It works in three simple steps in which you have to select OST file to be recovered, in the next step all mailbox items will be displayed in a window and you have to click next to recover complete OST file.

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