What are the design trends of 2018 that are changing the way law firm websites look online?

Being an attorney is no longer just about winning cases, looking dapper in a suit and attending proceedings. It is also about publicity and gaining trust. Now, earlier, it was difficult for attorneys to reach out to their potential clients without looking sketchy or desperate. There were many “Better Call Saul” inspirations, who had to stick to the lees just because they did not have the right publicity tools. However, the web has brought a wave of new possibilities for all law professionals out there.

Why do you need a website?

Having a website for your firm or just for your private practice is quite the opposite of buying ad time in the newspaper or the TV. Having a site shows elegance and sophistication. The moment someone has a personal website, he or she becomes virtually tangible. Websites allow people to find out more about their potential attorneys and reach out to them for quotes. In fact, having a site often instills more trust than the first face-to-face interview. It is as good as a personal recommendation, says our leading Lawyer SEO Expert. Besides, WordPress allows people to build their working websites in less than a few hours at almost no cost!

The roots of good website design for any law professional

You are here because you want to design your law firm website or you want to revamp an old lawyer’s site you already have. So, here are a few things you must remember before getting started –

Focus on storytelling

Everyone loves a good story. While TVCs, billboard signs, and print advertisements may not focus a lot of storytelling, your approach has to be different. Choosing a WordPress website template for law firms and lawyers gives you the distinct advantage of manipulating the element blocks and creating space for your brand story. People love to know a little background information about their lawyers, including the school and college education, special certifications, number of wins and the kind of people who work at the firm. Here’s what your content will need –

  • The purpose of your firm and your motto
  • The inspiration behind the good work you are doing
  • An inside sneak-peek that tells people the way it operates

Telling your story might not be as easy as facing the jury! You will want to consult an expert content author and a designer for this part.

Design performance

A huge pro of working with WordPress templates is the chance to personalize and create. Although the content is the king, it won’t be enough to convince the people to sign a retainer. You need modern, sleek design with oodles of functionality. Here are a few elements of WordPress website design, you must never omit –

  • Always start with a responsive design
  • Make smart use of whitespace
  • Use formal typography and keep the fonts even
  • Go with collapsible menus
  • Get a team to work on your on-page SEO
  • Start link building (both internal and outbound)
  • Install contact forms on the landing page
  • If possible, include a live chat feature too

You must not exclude the possibility of finding clients, who are a part of the mobile generation. Always make your content shareable. A lot of publicity comes from social media and although you are under no obligation to share your posts, your fans, clients, and visitors can.

This is optional – but you can try including animations and GIFs on your website to keep things interesting. Investing in scroll effects, hover zoom, background animations, and page header transitions is a cool way to liven up your site.

Do not forget to include a blog section on your website. Almost all WordPress website templates come with a blog feature. You can manage the blog yourself by simply using Yoast or All in One SEO plug-ins for WordPress.

Invest in security

Once people start noticing your website, a lot of potential clients will leave their contact details and other personal details on your site. Most lawyer websites should also have chat features, and this just makes the client data more vulnerable in the event of an attack.

Begin with getting your HTTPS certification. This is the good old HTTP security with a nice slathering of SSL protocol. Talk to your engineers for encryption of data. WordPress is quite up-to-date with security protocols, thanks to the very recent security breaches that shook their foundations! Now, they are using smart technology, encryption and plug-ins to ensure complete safety of user data.

It is very difficult for any law firm to get their clients to trust them with data exchange online unless they can trust their website security.

This is the digital age, and over 87% of the Americans now use the internet. Over 92% US citizens use a smartphone too. So do not waste your time. Hop on the digital wagon while it’s still at your station.

Guest article written by: Veronica Lewis is a Lawyer SEO Expert. She has been studying the SEO trends and their effects on law firm websites for the last six years. Her team has worked with the leading law firms in the USA and helped them climb to the peak of their success.

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