Explore the Amazing World of Tungsten Men’s Wedding Bands in 2018

by Guest Author on March 7, 2018

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2017 has ushered in a path-breaking trend in wedding band creation and designs that has completely revolutionized the fine jewelry scenario like never before. The most common and frequently used metal until the 21st century in jewelry making has been gold. However, the current generation focuses on durability, style, and wear-ability and tungsten jewelry particularly; tungsten wedding bands fit the bill perfectly.

Tungsten is supposed to be a non-reactive metal and is definitely hypoallergenic. It is resistant to easy scratches and chips. Jewelry experts and designers are preferring tungsten carbide for handcrafting pieces. It is stronger as compared to aluminum. Tungsten carbide wedding bands are perfect for men who do a lot of outdoor work and operate heavy machinery. Tungsten wedding bands are quite reasonably priced. They would be lasting forever and are scratch-resistant. They would always stand out from the rest and make their amazing presence felt all the time.

Choosing the Perfect Design

Tungsten carbide wedding bands are long-lasting. They have led to various misconceptions such as they are impossible to redesign, engrave, or decorate. It is quite true that tungsten is a strong and a robust metal. You would be spellbound to come across the amazing variety of designs and styles in tungsten wedding bands. Some of the most popular men’s wedding band designs in tungsten are the following:

  • Wood tungsten wedding bands
  • Wide bands
  • Tungsten wedding bands with inlay
  • Two-tone tungsten wedding bands
  • Polished wedding rings
  • Black tungsten wedding bands
  • Tungsten plain wedding bandsTungsten wedding bands with a brushed effect.

The hardness and compatibility of tungsten actually let the craftsmen experiment with a plethora of styles and designs. Inlaying tungsten using another metal seems to be in great demand among the modern bridegrooms. The inlays could be gold, silver, or any colored metals. It would be instilling a touch of vibrancy and elegance to any sober design. Visit https://www.mensweddingbands.com for an extensive inventory.

Can Tungsten Wedding Bands Match the Bride’s Wedding Rings?

Tungsten wedding rings are path-breaking and they come in a host of masculine designs which match perfectly with the bride’s wedding ring. Tungsten wedding band for men would be complementing platinum, gold, white gold, and silver wedding ring styles and designs for the brides. Here are a few suggestions:

  • It is best if the bride and the bridegroom buy from the same metal class.
  • Buy rings of matching design themes and same width.
  • Ask for similar or actually complementary or matching engravings on the wedding bands.

Remember tungsten carbide wedding rings could be engraved even though the hardness of the metal may make things a wee bit challenging as compared to silver and gold traditional wedding rings.


Tungsten wedding bands for men are unique and wholesome. Often grooms are looking for wedding bands with gemstones. You could go ahead customizing your wedding bands with emeralds and diamonds for complementing your wedding theme. Tungsten is the best choice under the circumstances as it is pocket-friendly and customizable and open to personalization and experimentation.

Guest article written by: Andrew Thompson is a jewelry artist and an ardent blogger. He offers important jewelry buying and maintenance tips from time to time in his blog posts. He suggests valuable resources such as https://www.mensweddingbands.com for the right choice.

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