Choosing an Outsource Developer

When it comes to iOS app development, you want to make sure you get what you pay for. Outsourcing is a great way to capitalize on the expertise of an app agency especially if your business’s main focus is not in IT.

Native Versus Hybrid Development

When outsourcing, it is important to partner with a company or individual that uses the right technologies for the project. To make full use of iOS app features, you need to use Objective-C or Swift, iPhone’s native programming language. Native development differs from hybrid development is higher application performance. The advantage of hybrid development is quicker turnaround time.

Hiring an Outside Developer

Choosing to outsource iOS development to a dedicated team is a great way to develop application solutions while also maintaining a certain degree of control over the process. When you outsource to an individual or a company, you are essentially creating a partnership.

There are many benefits to this partnership. Many organizations focus on the money saving aspect. Outsourcing does save you resources you would otherwise need to dedicate to housing, administration, hiring, and taxation along with other expenses. But this is just one of the advantages. Your business may also be able to launch before competitors without the legal and technical of hiring and supporting a development team.

If you decide to outsource to a development team, you should take the time to prepare first. Before even looking at potential partners, you need to you have a clear and accurate product description complete with design and feature requirements. Once you know what you need, it is time to start looking for some app programmers.

Always take the time to review their website and portfolio. Check references, testimonials, and case studies. Once you have a shortlist ready, start conducting interviews. Consider conducting interviews in person or over Skype. Pay attention to their communication skills. They should be able to clearly explain things in your native language. Ask them about recent projects, testing, and how they fix bugs. They should have a proven record or delivering excellent work on time. Pay attention to any red flags that present themselves.

App Development Process

The biggest risk of outsourcing is quality. You want to make sure you know the process, have checks in place, and maintain a certain level of supervision. Generally, the process has four stages: discovery, evaluation, development, and control and production.

During discovery, you will most likely discuss terms, goals, and deadlines. This is the time when everyone makes sure they are on the same page. The evaluation process involves sussing out the intended full range of features and capabilities and doing mockups. You and outsource partner be determining your goals and visions before actual development.  Development is the actual process of coding and creating the app. The control and production process is an ongoing cycle. You should be in contact throughout the whole process. The developer should be running tests and checking in to make sure everything is on track.

Things to Keep in Mind

You want to follow some best practices when it comes to outsourcing. If you are going to put your brand’s name on a product, you want to be confident it is the highest quality possible. There are some general tried and true rules and some basic practices that will help you avoid mistakes.

Work with a company that is aware of current trends. This doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t want to also stay unique. You want to be inspired while staying distinguished. What value does your app bring to the community? Keep this question in mind.

Know who your intended users are. If you try to make a product that appeals to everyone, it will always fail to live up to its potential. Collect feedback from users during the entire development process. Remember, you are designing this application for them.

Make sure you have adequate legal protection. There is always the chance that a business transaction will hit a speed bump. You don’t want to find yourself in a troublesome legal situation. It is wise to seek legal advice from a firm located in the country where you are outsourcing to. Consider reserving final payment until accepting the outcome. This allows you some leverage until you receive the agreed upon product.

Outsourcing has many benefits but it can be a bit intimidating the first time. It is a great way to leverage the expertise of an app development team without the overhead of hiring in-house employees.

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