Fate changing tech trends in real estate industry 2018

The fate of the real estate industry is currently changing with new technological innovations coming into life. Real estate has come up with so many changes in the past few decades which are now adopting new ways involving technology to take the day to day work basis to a whole new level. This makes it easier for the consumers in buying and selling the properties. Particularly, this implies with the new adaption of tech highlights and improvements change the way how real estate works on a regular basis. Also, this includes the process of property viewing, buying, selling which are now streamlined in the various property listing websites, and e-commerce websites. To take these things to ridiculously a step further, everything related to property searches, prices, features and highlights are presently accessible with one single touch by means of mobile apps.

As new technologies and innovations breaking into the real estate stream, various real estate developers are in hunting new potential software applications for this industry. By knowing how these new pro-tech methods impacting the industry by changing the buying-selling process might explode your mind.


The augmented and virtual reality has shaken up the industry in the past few years. Just imagine you are taking a virtual tour of your future home before even seeing it physically. This is where the virtual reality plays a potential part in making the consumers experience the new way of visiting the property. With this infectious technology out in the industry has made this whole process so much viable and interesting for the consumers. This process is now making its way through one of the efficient ways in real estate and it is evident that people are more likely to buy the property.

In the meantime, the augmented reality also takes a seriously huge part in making the buyers visualize how their potential home looks like once they place all their furniture and appliances inside. What’s more a buyer needs than this showing how you are going to live in the house in prior? This seems to possibly increase the probability of making a positive deal.

Big data to increase more transparency

The big data is the key to success and to keep the real estate industry moving forward with further advancements. For the reason that to get an all-inclusive detailed view of the housing market, it is easier to use the data to make further advancements to satisfy the needs of the consumer instead of reacting to things with mere intuition. To start with, there is no denying that big data plays a crucial role in the world of business presently. With a successful use of these interpreted data, developers can get to know the insights of the customers and a better understanding of their needs and to improve efficiency.

Meanwhile, Big data becomes powerful when it is combined with technologies like AI and machine learning to create new patterns in the field of residential and commercial housing. With this new trend, a number of people are now thinking of owning a home at a very young age as the industry is persistently determined in increasing transparency.

Advanced modelling systems

With new online services and advanced software, buyers are now going to experience a level up in viewing the property. There is a good thing about modelling systems is that they improve transparency in this housing market. The advanced modelling systems, the increase in customers, sales, and customer relationship management, advanced engineering methods with a great impact of finely tuned technology are going to have an intense impact in the upcoming years of the real estate industry.

Drones are the future people

Lastly, the drones are one of the potential new technologies entering the real estate industry after the use of the internet. A surprising fact is that the drones are now influencing the industry that’s changing the world we see today. The most apparent thing regarding the use of drones is that allows the developers and agents to take the customers through dramatic video tours and camera photographs to display on the property listings online.


No industry is resistant to new technologies and innovations. This way, real estate industry is no exception in any way. By keeping track of the new inventions and advancements, it becomes easier to quickly adapt and react to anything that comes along your way that’s changing today’s world.

Guest article written by: Vritika Reddy writes for Alliance Group, one of the reputed real estate builders in India. They are known for developing well-designed, high-quality residential luxury villas in OMR which stands best amongst the residential communities across South India.

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  1. Aerial photography and video are the latest craze in real estate marketing. Combined with traditional video it makes for a great marketing tool. The 3D/VR tours I think will just be a passing fad. Many I have spoken with do not like them and there is not very much demand for it. The same with the modelling systems.


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