How to make money online for free

You surf the web, you get the latest information and it suits your needs. But what if one wants to make some cool money with the help of internet? Of course, making money requires some investment but does internet clears this hurdle or it is the same old hard work to earn some bucks over the internet? These are most of the questions we are asked quite often and we have decided to answer all of these in a single post. Here we will list some of the free ways to earn money and the best part is you do not need to invest a single dime.

Teach English online and earn some extra coins:

Are you good at English? Is it your native language? Do you have a strong command of grammar? Well, if you have all these characteristics you are only a step away from earning yourself extra money without paying any fee and with the comfort of home. VIP KIDS is an online resource for Chinese students who want to learn English. Providing native speakers a chance to mentor students learn English right from their home.

Review products and get paid:

Getting paid over the internet is as easy as reviewing the product and you can have your share of it. Let me tell you some decent amount that you can earn by reviewing specific products with Vindale Research. The site pays its reviewers up to $75 per review. The review products mostly consist of financial products, websites, tech products, gadgets, online services and everything under the sun. Though there are tons other websites that pay to review products, Vindale is right now the most trusted and top of the line one, and the best thing about it is you need just signup and you are good to go.

Get paid to read emails:

You do it every day but have you ever heard that you can make a few cents by just reading emails? Well, it may seem a bit cheeky but don’t worry I will get you onboard how the system works and how you may earn a few bucks by just reading emails coming to your inbox. Traffic is the ultimate source to get online sales and companies spend much more to get that traffic flowing towards it. One way o getting that traffic is email marketing and sites like Inbox Dollars make it even simpler for advertisers and freelancers like us. Inbox Dollars takes money from advertisers to send traffic to the site and then affiliates some of the amounts for visiting the sites.

Get paid to click:

Click Click Click, the everyday routine of computer users but what if you are paid to click? Wouldn’t you love doing it? There are a ton of websites that pay cents for clicking the ads. Though it is a very much controversial way of earning money online, I still recommend doing it if you are looking to collect handsome money in a quick time.


Guest article written by: Ch Rashid

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  1. Hi, thank you for these tips! At the time of the lockdown, this is a great guide to start working remotely and find new opportunities.


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