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by Guest Author on August 7, 2018

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There a lot a misters in this world that we don’t know. Like Bigfoot, the loch ness monster, UFO or the Stonehenge rocks. There are so many think we will never know and Google is one of them because nobody knows the algorithms that are on the site. This is a well-kept secret! But what do we know? We know how to do search engine optimization, SEO for short, so your site will rank in top searches.

And yes, when I’m saying search engine I’m referring Google because it is used in 90% of the searches.

This article will teach you exactly that, how to do a search engine optimization on your site. But first, what is SEO? According to Wikipedia: Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results.”

But what does that means? Is referring to the process in which you make your web page more visible in a search engine so your site will be placed in front of other pages on a specific keyword. This means that a searcher will find your site on a search engine when searching for a specific keyword.

You may ask, why do I need SEO? The answer is very simple because 80% of people who are searching on the internet don’t switch to page two in Google. So if you aren’t on page one you will lose possible clients, opportunities and money. But the battle for the first page is fierce, everybody wants to get there.

And Google algorithms are very smart and are always evolving so they will be better adapt to searcher’s needs. Experts who tested the algorithms and different methods of SEO said that there are over 200 factors that were taken into account by Google algorithms. Talk about why Google is the number one search engine in the world!

But some factors are more important than others, in this article, you will read about the factors that done right will guaranty that your site will be on the first page an Google. So here are the most important SEO factors in 2018.

1. Accessible URL

This is crucial! Without it, you will have a hard time landing on the first page of Google. Because you want Google to understand your content and your site.  So your URL needs to be easy and simple. To give you a good example  and a bad example

2. Quality content and content length

You need to have an awesome content that needs to stand out in the crowd, some experts say that this is king in the world of SEO. Because when your article is valuable for humans it is valuable for Google too. The length of your content should be 2000 words because that is the average of the top 10 ranked articles for a specific keyword.

3. Know your market

You need to know what your target customers want so you will create content based on there needs. Doing so, they will be attracted to your site and as more people will come to your site Google will see this and it will rank you higher. There are tons of ways to know what your customers want. You can email your subscribers and ask them, you can use forums, you can use social media or you can study your competition, but don’t copy them.

4. Keyword

You need to know the words that your audience is using when searching for something on the internet. Those keywords are related to problems they have and your content needs to solve those problems and to contain these keywords. Beside primary keywords, your page may have secondary keywords.

5. Use image

From a young age, we are using pictures to learn because it is easier to understand from a picture, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Google dedicated a section to picture because if something is valuable for a human is valuable for Google too. Chose a description for your picture, include a caption, you can add a tag and you can use keywords. But don’t use big pictures because it will slow down your site.

6. Secure your site

Google cares about the security of his users. So you need to use HTTPS, SSL etc. This doesn’t mean that you will rank on the first page but without having a safe site you won’t have a chance of ranking.

7. Take care of your site

Use tags and meta descriptions because Google uses tags to understand and rank your site. Also, the snippet (who determines how your site will lock in a search) is important because that will make people click on your site. You need to optimize your snippet for the keywords that people use.

8. Mobile friendly

More than 70% of searches today are done from a mobile device. For you, this means that your site needs to rune good on a phone. If you use WordPress you probably have a friendly mobile site, most of the themes are design to be soo. But you can check your site from your phone to see how it is running or you can use a free mobile testing tool that can tell you how mobile friendly your site really is. Don’t know where to find a tool for this? Google it!

9. Take care of your site speed

Remove anything that is slowing down your site loading speed. Page speed is important to users and if you have a site that is loading slowly you will lose customers and subscribers. Google will see that you will get less traffic to your site and it will drop your ranking.

10. Use links in your content

I’m talking about adding into your articles internal links, to another page on your site, and external links, to someone else’s site.

11. Social media

Google knows about the social shares, likes, tweets etc that your content gets and that will influence your ranking.

12. Promote your site

The more you promote your site more people will find out about it and enter. And Google will see this. According to today’s experts, you have to spend 20% of your time creating content and 80% promoting that content.

13. Use SEO tools

You can also use SEO optimization tools, like Yoast SEO WordPress plugin which is a word press plugin that was designed to analyze your blog page. This tool knows the main factors that are used in Google algorithms and is comparing your content, giving you advice on how to improve it so it will rank better in Google. And this is not the only tool that is out here.

14. Do an SEO audit on your site

There are companies that do this and also there are free tools on the internet that does this for you. The idea is to check your site from an SEO point of view. To see what you are doing good, what you are doing poorly and what you need to do next.

You need to be consistent and patient but if you do all of this thinks you will rank well. Thank you for reading this article! For more information about me and how I can help you please visit my site.

Guest article written by: Dan from

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Sajid Akhter August 7, 2018 at 19:52

Hi Dan,

Great post with valuable information. It is so important to promote your site well. Great content and well directed promotions are two of the most important points to get better visibility and ranking.

Thanks for sharing this post. Have a great day. 🙂
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