SEO VS PPC- Which to Focus First For Your Business?

Every online business or website owners face the difficulty as what to choose as a marketing tool for maximum traffic drive. Have you just launched your business marketing campaign? Then the confusion between the selection of SEO and PPC is quite obvious. As per the modern scenario, there is cut throat competition among the business professionals where everyone wants to be in first position. The position here corresponds to the ranking in search engines.

There are several merits and demerits of both SEO and PPC. Firstly, PPC is also known as Pay per click where for every visit in their website, the client has to pay a fee. On other hand, SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization is one time investment policy where the focus is given on the traffic drive and its enhancement in the search engines. After considering all facts and figures, mentioned below are few points to focus while selecting any type of digital marketing tool.

Mere jumping from one marketing tool to another is also not worthwhile. Your decision and type of marketing tool selected will decide the entire status in the online marketing. Major focus should be paid on retaining the users rather than just losing them because of ineffective optimisation. Keep your pocket tight and invest in a wise manner.

SEO Vs PPC- What to choose?

Both SEO and PPC would provide you the same result, but some criterion affects its selection and consequently it has both negative and positive impacts on the website marketing. It is thus important to understand basic points while selecting any type first for your business.

  • Money factor: PPC being the paid form of advertisement, it requires handsome investment to be incurred. Business with well set up establishments and capital can only opt this. Sometimes, you incur millions of dollars on it yet there are not positive results. However, SEO in this term is pretty affordable. For PPC traffic, you have to pay more which is not the case with the SEO. The more time you give to SEO, more advantageous results you obtain. While the PPC requires only investment at every step.
  • Organic search: For a quick and apt response, most of the business prefers PPC. When you are in bit hurry, pay per click is mostly selected which in turn brings qualified, organic and fruitful traffic. For perfect and instant result, PPC would be a better option. However, it is important to have enough money so that you can pay for each organic click. It enhances the visibility of the brand website.
  • Fluctuations in the search engine ranking: The marketers often complaint about the fluctuations in search engine ranking while opting SEO as a marketing tool. If appropriate strategies are not set and is not worked accordingly, there is great decline in the ranking. Even the marketers are penalized to cope up with the degrading rank. It would be wise to remain updated with the algorithmic changes. When you keep on investing in the PPC, ranking remains intact even is upgraded with each click.
  • Optimization is bit time taking: When you choose PPC as a marketing tool, optimization of the website is bit costly and time taking too. Even for the experienced marketers find it bit tough to carry out optimization work with PPC. On other hand, optimization and editing is very easy with SEO. Even if the marketer takes a break, through optimization traffic can be driven to the particular site.
  • Budget is essential factor: price and budget is the foremost determiner of the marketing tool for your business. If you do not have enough budget you can never invest on PPC. Thus, in order to obtain effective and beneficial results through PPC accumulate much wealth before finally investing on it. SEO on the other hand is not too costly as compared to PPC and is always a preferable option by small and medium scale business.
  • Focused improvement: it is always advisable to approach SEO techniques before investing on PPC. SEO phase is quite systematic as it starts from research and development to complete sales and conversion. This is the effective method of organic marketing before moving to focused PPC tool. It would be sensible if you go for intense SEO enhancements rather than just moving to PPC.
  • Analyze your website level tool: Before selecting any type of marketing tool, it is essential to analyze the actual level of the website. In case of PPC, no sooner you stop investing in it than the performance level is slowed down. This is not with the case of SEO. Regular updates are done so that users might something new. While decrease in the investment of PPC might slows down the ranking as well as traffic drive to your site.

What is right for the particular type of business is very important to analyze. Business professionals need to follow many useful steps so that appropriate marketing tool is selected. Mentioned below are few points to note down.

  • Prevailing situation of the business is very important to know. For sustaining long term in the online market, SEO would be a better option. For quick and responsive result, PPC should be chosen.
  • Organic visibility is also an important factor. You should be very clear about what sorts of result you obtain from the particular investment. Whether investment upon SEO or PPC would bring any organic result or not.
  • There are set goals and objectives of each website. Once you are clear with your objectives, select the marketing tool accordingly. Step should be taken to make a unique establishment of your website in the online marketing. Without proper planning and strategies and its successful implementation, it is pretty easy to obtain desired result.
  • Estimation of ROI is also important. Before you invest on any marketing tool either SEO or PPC, it is essential to know what type of return you will obtain. Maximum focus is paid on organic traffic drive and ranking in the search engine. Make sure the ROI from particular marketing tool is all beneficial.

Before final posting, make sure the entire ad is satisfactory. Its impact should last long on the minds of the users who are viewing this. While investing in SEO, patience is the utmost factor which should be kept. Its result is not quick and abrupt but has long lasting effect. An expert SEO brings lots of changes thus consequently bringing organic visibility. Any business follows going concern principle where there is not set deadline to bring an end to the business.

It is estimated that it will continue to flourish till lifetime. This is why selection of any marketing tool should be done while determining its long term benefits. Short term benefits are for short term and are bit costly as well. Thus, consequent solution of what to choose for your business depends upon your choice and budget.


If you find it confusing, consult professional SEO Company. Result obtained from both the tool is obvious, the main difference is the time taken for the particular enhancement. When you are well aware of different variables, set goals, current market conditions and the competitive site, you are able to choose the right one as a digital marketing too.

Guest article written by: Joel House is founder of Joel House Search Media and a SEO Company which believes in digital marketing. He suggests SEO can bring lots of revenue if done correctly.

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