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by Guest Author on June 17, 2018

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Business owners understand how important it is to successfully optimize their business websites in order to get good rankings on search engines. Search engine optimization is mandatory if you want your business to flourish and reach new heights and generate more revenues. In order to stand out as a unique website from the thousands of other business websites, it is of prime importance that you follow the essential search engine optimization strategies so that more and more people can find your site easily. While optimizing content is a crucial aspect of search engine optimization, it is not the only method. You can also optimize your videos efficiently for your SEO. In this article, you will learn how you can optimize your videos on your website as an effective SEO tool.

It is quite common to see videos being used for marketing purposes these days. It is popular, as a medium it is quite easy and simple and can give you plenty of coverage because videos get shared widely on social media platforms also. The reason why this is so popular is that in universal search boxes, various types of content get promoted, and these will also get included in the search engine’s primary results. Video content will help in increasing your business website’s SEO because videos are easy to access, they are also easy to share, and they can be quite informative and hence can be understood by a lot of people.

Studies and reports

A lot of data-based reports have revealed that videos tend to have a higher percentage of clicks in the results of search engine pages than results which come out in an only textual form. This is especially true for YouTube videos. These days, YouTube has become highly popular as a platform for video sharing and where you can upload your own videos also. YouTube videos get included in most search results because of this popularity and trust.

How do you optimize your videos?

In order to optimize your videos with the textual keywords, choose those which have high popularity, this will give you a higher chance of reaching the top spot. Use the keyword researching tools which are inbuilt on YouTube to find out the most popular keywords and phrases that are used on YouTube. In order to get higher rankings for your videos, try to optimize them before you upload them. In order to optimize the videos, you can try the following essential techniques:

  1. Upload only those videos which you would want to get shared on only the most popular platforms for video networking. You can find a lot of such platforms, but only choose those who are most popular. Websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion will give you most benefits because of the popularity they enjoy.
  2. You need to put the most relevant keywords in the title of your video. Put these keywords right at the beginning. Then you should again put your keywords in the captions. These help in securing better rankings for your website.
  3. You must not use any keywords that may cause stuff like direct advertising on the video websites. Chose only those keywords which will provide your users with excellent information.

In order to make further optimization for the videos you upload and the contents you put in, it is essential that you focus on some other significant things. This list will help you in this regard:

  1. You must only submit those contents in your videos which you are sure to be absolutely original. This can help to stop other people from claiming your contents to be their own, ever in the future. Videos which are original and are of good quality can help to give you higher chances of getting a top spot in search results.
  2. Do not upload videos which are too long; you should try and make them of about one to two minutes long. This will help to sustain interest in your viewers. If you upload long videos, then chances are your viewers will get bored and close the video and leave your website.
  3. It is essential that your video’s quality is good with regards to the resolution and its sounds. This is vital to your success. You must choose to use a camera of good quality, and your microphone must pick up all the sound properly. You need to upload your videos in various resolutions so that people with slow internet can also watch them.
  4. Always put subtitles of various languages on your videos when you are planning to upload them. With subtitles, you can be sure to get a more significant number of viewers and visitors from various regions of the world who would not have been able to understand or comprehend your videos. Put the subtitles in the popular languages. It is advisable to go for SEO Audit Service to get a better understanding of your websites. It will help in increasing more website traffic as well as uncover the barriers to ranking.


Search engine optimization is a continuous process which is always changing and evolving in order to adopt newer and more innovative ways of ensuring business owners are able to optimize their official websites and acquire higher search ranks. The strategies of SEO must be continuously updated by a business owner to enjoy long-lasting success. Optimizing the video content on your website is one such method by which you can optimize your business website. Videos are great marketing tools because of the information more easily. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you understand how you can optimize your videos for search engines.

Guest article written by: Marty King is an experienced and renowned blogger who has written business news articles for several famous newspapers like The Daily Observer. Marty wants people to use innovative SEO techniques to boost their revenues. He recommends SEO Audit Service to the readers.


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