Top 5 HP Printer Problems and Solution

No doubt! HP printer is the product of quality and reliability. Users can trust the product blindly, but they need a helping hand time and again to fix the erupted issue in the printer. There are multiple issues associated with HP printer and it could happen any point of time. So users must be aware of what these issue are and how to best resolve them.

Here we have come with the list of top 5 problems that are generally faced by HP users along with suitable solutions. You can also connect with HP printer support to overcome these printer issues.

Paper Jam issue in HP Printer

This is one of the most complained issues by the users. It can occur due to various reasons which are as below:

  • Printer is dirty
  • Paper type is not compatible with the printer
  • Rollers on the printer are damaged


  • Clean HP printer over a period of time
  • Always use the correct type of paper
  • Replace printer roller
  • Set the paper in the direction of the paper path

Faded printing by HP Printers

While using HP printer you get faded print and it is happened due to following reason:

  • The printer is running with low toner
  • Print density is low
  • Economode printing is enabled


  • Change the setting and set the print density higher
  • Remove the cartridge and shake it so that toner might distribute evenly
  • Turn off Economode printing


HP printer ghosting issue refers to the event when an image print properly but the copy of the image is also printed somewhere else on the page. This issue is generated generally due to the power outlet.

To fix this problem, you first need to check if the power outlet is working fine by plugging it to another printer. If ghosting still happens that means there is no problem with the power outlet. Sometimes ghosting is also caused by consumable parts of HP printer as they have exceeded their lifetime.

50.4 Error Message

This error is also associated with power supply but in the case of HP LaserJet printers only. To solve this problem, you first need to disconnect the printer from UPS and then disconnect it from a power strip and plug it into a wall outlet. If you are using a laser printer, you should never plug it into UPS, because there are chances that UPS gets damaged due to the power. But in case, you don’t file any problem with UPS, you must look at all the component in the printer.

79 Error Message

This error is associated with network print server. To fix a 79 error of HP printer, you first need to go to the start menu and open the printer folder on the print server and check if there are any jobs pending.

This error is also caused by the failure of a printer add-on component which could be an MIO card or a RAM module. You can fix it by removing all the add-ons and then add it back to the HP printer and eventually identify the add one with fault.

We hope you understand all the HP printer problems and their solution. You can also suggest any other problems associated with HP printer if you faced recently.

Guest article written by: My name is Abby Hill and I have a very enthusiastic approach towards Technical writing. I have been writing technical content for a long time. Right now I am committed to help HP printer users by my Troubleshooting blogs and I also recommend users to take help of HP customer Support number in case of emergency. Social Profiles: Facebook, Google+, Pinterest.

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