What are the Technical Issues in ServiceNow?


Before going to the concept of technical issues of ServiceNow first, we have to know “What is ServiceNow?”. A service management platform which allows us to submit requests software, hardware, applications for technical support is known as ServiceNow. It also supports the single-end user. ServiceNow is a company specialises in IT operation management, IT service management and IT business management. Fred Luddy was the founder of ServiceNow in the year 2003, headquartered in California. The activities of ServiceNow occur as cloud services. The integration of ServiceNow with other tools can be easily formed.

Technical Issues in ServiceNow:

  • Inadequate resource allocation
  • Trouble in hiring resources
  • Not enough expertise
  • Ticketing terminology and statistics categorisation

Inadequate resource allocation:

    In ServiceNow, resource management project managers and resource managers enable to create resource plans and also assign people to specific tasks. ServiceNow application can also be used to provide a real-time view and accurate resource availability. Integration of ServiceNow offers a consolidated view of allocations, staff capabilities and availability of all works in ServiceNow application. The features of resource management enable to establish resource capabilities accurately and quickly. It also includes the local time zone support. Event types may include time off, administrative, planned work or operational work.

The request for resources can be from any task in the system. Resource plans derive the provided information in the task description. It is beneficial for requesters to identify individual or resources groups and estimate the efforts needed for task completion. Before routing, the resource requesters can immediately view the selected resource availability. By this method, the requesters can evaluate the requests likelihood for specific resources which are granted before submitting requests.

On the other hand, resource console can present the consolidated interface acting and view upon resource information. Resource manager chooses a particular resource plan, based on this plan the information display can be filtered. The resource console also used to provide multiple options for the resource manager to act and view on the displayed information.

Trouble in hiring resources:

    Deficiency of enough resources is one of the significant problems in SMB environments and enterprise. The occurrence of resource deficiency is because of every individual don’t have time to focus on maximising the benefits of, and one more thing is that they are just working on the ServiceNow without concentrate on higher priority works. Nowadays ServiceNow is growing and expanding capabilities in non-related IT fields such as in human resources, Finance and Operations. It shows that the resource market with expertise is ServiceNow is competitive and very hot.

Not enough expertise:

    For implementing the new things, we need more skill. For this will ensure a smoother implementation. The main benefit of most qualified ServiceNow expertise is to unparalleled access to modern developments. To overcome this problem, we have to evaluate the security settings review on the platform and application designs. We have to simulate load to performance identification issues which are before production.

Ticketing terminology and statistics categorisation:

The categories and subcategories of incident tickets are used with reporting. This platform can also be used to assign the incident automatically to a specific fulfilment group. The granularity and clarity of report data can be improved with the help of this categories and subcategories. Hardware, software, network, inquiry/help and database are some of the incident categories. The subcategories may be of many types like anti-virus, Email, internal application for inquiry/help. CPU, disk, keyboard, memory for hardware. The operating system, Email for software and so on. The labelling terminology is not right, but as of now, many organisations are looking for a replacement of  Appian BPM with ServiceNow.

Apart from the technical issues, the ServiceNow adoption has some roadblocks. The common roadblocks of ServiceNow are:

  • Inheritance works
  • Single size doesn’t suitable for all
  • Goldfish effect
  • Uncomfortable because of change

Inheritance works:

           ServiceNow built on IT infrastructure library and enterprise service management best practices, so it leads to adopting features highly and evolved automation. Initially, the legacy works seem convenient, but later on, it leads to greater headaches when both are in non-sync.

Single size doesn’t suitable for all:

             As we know that ServiceNow is not a product which is out of the box that fits in a unique situation and every enterprise. Although IT got the go-ahead in starting software integration, it’s not simple to manage the applications which are in a wide array of configurations and features which makes in future and existing technologies to make the solution work better.

Goldfish effect:

             Even after the implementations of ServiceNow are approved the leadership some inspection may happen. ServiceNow is the platform to busy with the strategic business and the C-level executives. To overcome this IT ecosystem inside view must be shown and should know the ServiceNow where to fit in.

Uncomfortable because of change:

         Of course, the technology initiates with a new set of practices and straightforward curves as humans we are creatures of habit. Sometimes it leads to uncomfortable when the change happens. The overall benefits are fulfilled. So the ultimate task of information technology is to work hard by making the transition very simple through evangelism, training.


        These are the technical issues and roadblocks faced by the companies by implementing ServiceNow. Some experienced ServiceNow partners like ProV can replace the inheritance system by making accuracy, consistency and resolving conflicts. By using AppNeta, ServiceNow will operate at high speed. To make ServiceNow implementations information technology must overcome delivery, application performance, network and storage challenges.

Guest article written by: Anji Velagana, a graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Jawaharlal Technological University, Kakinada. He is currently working for MindMajix Technologies as a content strategist. Contact me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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