How Technology Is Shaping The Future Of Education?

As we are living in a technological era and everything’s is digitalized. In every field, we can see the influence of technology and more than 80%of people use technological devices in their daily life. Technology has made our life simple and relaxed our mind and body. Now we are not able to imagine a life without technology because we have become that much deeply involved in that process. Technology enables us to do whatever and whenever we want. If we want to talk message or video chat anything with single touch we are able to do anything. If we take educational field technology as changed basic of educational field in the past learning process was textbook oriented but now it is student oriented. So it has changed everything positively.

Online education

It is something which was considered as the best contribution of technology in the educational field. By using technological devices one can continue his or her education.AS the usage of online learning increased and according to the demand so many new courses are developed and more than 75%of use online learning and eligible for a good job position in their life. They will get all necessary materials and books related to the subject. They can learn whenever they are free whether you are in part or in a library or in bus stand if you want to learn and don’t want to waste your time you can use online learning. They can learn while earning or doing some job. So it’s really useful and beneficiary to those who stopped their learning career because of a personal reason. Online learning is low in coast they don’t need to waste so much money and they can use it for any other purpose so technology is giving a new way of educating.

Technological devices

So many technological devices are available now which are really useful in teaching as well as learning. Now more than 90%of schools were digitalized. Textbooks are now optional they will get every information through technological devices. So teachers are also using computers and Smartphone’s while teaching and presenting some videos and clippings which are related to the subject. So it made the class more interesting and students can actively participate in the learning process. It also made students more confident as they get every information related to their subject matter in devices. By their single touch, they will be able to understand the subject if find it difficult. Now teachers are using technological devices in their curriculum and it is the main and important part of their curriculum. It enhanced the quality of teaching and teachers are fully satisfied with its usage in the classroom.

Expert in technological skills

As the technological devices are used in their primary learning stage the students will become expert and they will come to know each and every skill related to the technology.AS the future is mainly based on technology students must get thorough knowledge related the technology. If they are going to an interview the first thing they observe is their technical qualification because in every field technology is used and they must understand and should be expert in technological skills.

                    There is no doubt that technology plays an important role in the present time and also will play a major role future. Students are becoming expert in their field. They are becoming more confident and smart as they get all facilities related to their educational career. The main thing that a parent observes in selecting the college to their child is whether the schools and colleges are well equipped with the technological devices because they know that it plays an important role their child’s professional life.

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