9 Clear Signs that you need a new laptop

We all love using our Laptop devices and we can all agree it is one of the best pieces of technology that there is but there’s some times when we wonder when It’s right to spend more cash to get a better one. I’ve had this experience many times and I’m currently on my 4th laptop and this is because technology changes every single day and I want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. If you think it’s that time of the year to invest in a new Laptop then make sure you notice all these signs and Buy a new laptop at a bargain price.

A lot of my Friends around me get all these Laptops that aren’t so different from their old ones and I think this is because they’re too reluctant to spend 5 minutes of their lives reading reviews or checking specifications and this just leads to the same problems they’ve faced with their previous Laptops such as Overheating or Insufficient speed and what this does is just sets you back while they could’ve had everything they needed. Make sure to notice these signs before you think about buying a new laptop.

1. Your Laptop is Bulky

If your laptop is more than 0.5 inches thick, that means it’s bulky! Not only will it be the worst sound in the world when it drops from the desk to the floor, laptops that huge are known to be really loud when booting up, running overall and of course they are really heavy. The worst part of all of this is portability and although you can take it anywhere you please it kills your backpack and takes up a huge amount of space!

Companies have started making a lot of Ultrabook laptops that are only a few mm thick and basically they come with various types of hardware requirements that the user needs. Although it’s extremely good to have one, you must have in mind what’s actually going to be done on that Ultrabook so you don’t end up spending extra hundreds of dollars for no apparent reason.

2. Scratches, Skin Pealing and Dents

When you boot up your Laptop you might not notice that the hardware is tearing off slowly by slowly. This can mean that you have little regard for your own possessions or your laptop has been through a lot and it is time to start thinking of another one. What I like to do every month on my laptop is set a calendar date to inspect my hardware and check for scratches, skin peals or dents and I estimate roughly how long I could last with this Laptop before it looks completely useless.

Not only are you inspecting your laptop but after that you might think twice before not taking good care of it again.

3. Overheat quickly

Remember when your laptop used to take about 2 hours+ before it turned into a hot stove? Yeah me too and this is because as months and years go by your laptop collects more dust and has little or barely no internal maintenance and what this does is, it makes it harder to get rid of most of the heat your laptop produces and when this happens it makes using the laptop extremely uncomfortable to the point it might even burn you!

I’ve definitely gone through so many time with several laptops and although I was using a Textbook to prevent all the heat sometimes the Laptop would just turn off without warning. This happens because your laptop produces too much heat and could actually cause a fire or explode! When I feel like my laptop is too hot I just switch it off for an hour and do something else and a certain times I’d take a damp cold towel and use the laptop on my lap because the heat was just too much to bear.

4. Keys stop working or you have to press hard

I like to call this “sticking” because the key you’re trying to press is kinda “stuck” and you have to unjam it by constantly press it harder before it finally works. If this has happened to you and mysteriously disappeared don’t expect that to be the last of it. This sort of thing used to happen to me all the time and when I thought it was all over some keys stopped working and I ended up relying on “On-screen Keyboard”

When this happens to you there’s no easy way to get around with this than to buy an external keyboard but this will add more hardware on your laptop which isn’t comfortable unless you’re on a desk and have a mouse with you which will mean that your laptop is basically a desktop. Just to help you guys I’ll put links at the bottom to overcome all of these problems.

5. Performance drastically decrease

Your Laptop performance can decrease because of several reasons and some of them is that your hard drive is full or you potentially have viruses and the other is that your laptop overheats quickly and this stresses all the components in your laptop to run smoothly. When this happens my first guess is to run a computer search using AVAST and if nothing comes up I look at my other hardware components such as ram and find nothing wrong.

The big thing I’ve noted is the longer you use your laptop performance starts to slowly drop and this is all because overheating takes place.

6. Hardware Device Not detected

This can happen if you’ve had the same computer for 4+ years and what usually happens is that some of your hardware components stop working. In my case this has happened to me when I had a Compaq laptop what happened was, one day I booted my laptop and got this message which said hardware device not detected and this caused my Network WI-FI adaptor to stop working.

I didn’t bother to repair it because I knew it was time to get a new laptop so I backed up everything in an external hard drive before the whole laptop crashed. Which might happen to you when you ignore all these signs.

7. Desktop turns all black

Looking at more serious matters, when you boot your device and get this black screen on the desktop or in general then it’s definitely time to probably get rid of it. Not only are you risking all your data of being lost you keep encouraging it by booting the device. I know some people figured this Task manager trick “Ctrl + Alt Del” so they can access programs and files but the best thing you can do is back up everything in a separate hard drive and then try installing a new OS.

Note: This is for information purpose only! If you have trouble, then use the contact us button bellow. The “desktop turns all black” thing generally happens when the operating system hasn’t loaded properly due to missing files or viruses.

8. Battery Stops working

I know for a fact this happens to 90% to all the laptop owners in the world and this is because simply your battery can’t hold a charge anymore and when this happens to you, you might just start relying on that Power cable and electricity to keep you going for years.

Every 2 years my battery would stop working and I’d spend a lot of money looking and buying replacements just to notice that I had an old Laptop with a new battery which doesn’t get a good impression and as soon as my battery completely stops working I just buy a new laptop.

9. Hard drive failure

A lot of people have complained to me about (and I’ve seen for myself) hard drive failure which is, when the user boots up their laptop they get this command prompt like warning telling them They’re at risk of losing all their data and they can still resume with the boot, back up everything or test the hard drive for issues. In this case you’re better off backing up your data and buying a new laptop.

Your Laptop might have a huge problem you’ve reached this stage and If you ignore it, you’re going to lose all your Files!

Those were all the signs you should pay attention to and you can even make a checklist to see if your laptop has experienced or has those issues that need to be dealt with.

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