5 Makeup and Beauty Apps You Must Check Out

The time in which we are living is the beauty time and people will go to judge you with your presence or appearance no matter what they say. Most of the people always look forward that how they can look the best among the other and women are mostly involve in it. We can see the smartphone companies are also enhancing the beauty face feature with more beauty day by day. Today, we will tell you the 5 makeup and beauty apps that you should have in your smartphone.

1. Glam scout:

If you are beauty freak and love to do fashion like your favorite celebrities then the first app which must be on your phone is Glam scout. The reason for having this app is you can easily get the information of your liked desired product, you just need to scan the beauty product which you see in any magazine. Just scan it out with Glam Scout and it will give you every information of that product. You can go to market and easily apply on you and people will become your fan.

2. You Cam:

“You Cam”, ranks second among all other beauty apps which give you every satisfaction about fashion and makeup products. You just need to scan your face and it will give you many filters and unlimited beauty moods like hair products, skin types, beauty products etc. It also gives you the option to look alike your favorite celebrity, they will guide you the best. It can be lady gaga, Madonna or anyone else which you like.

3. Match Co:

Match Co belongs to totally beauty lovers and you do need of any other app if you have this one on your smartphone. The reason of this application is that you can give your skin texture to it and then it will give you the different shades of skin matches to your skin. You can even add them with your skin or add some different shade to get the best shade. This application is going much hit in beauty salons because when they makeup some bride then they first experiment on Match Co to get the best results.

4. The Glam App:

The Glam App is a full fledge makeup and beauty app. It gives you every detail about the fashion products or face products either it is your face, hair or skin. You can even tell them you have to go on this party and you want to try this look. It will give you the best options among all of them.

5. Priv:

Priv is home delivery app and this is mostly used when you have less time and you have to get ready for some occasion. This app will give you the contact of your nearest salon workers and they will come directly to your home. They will do your makeup, manicure, Pedi or anything and you just need to pay them. In short, it works like a food panda but in beauty genre.

Guest article written by: Jane is a girl who is in love with beauty and makeup products. She has been blogging for many years and makes great recommendations for those who are looking for the latest beauty and makeup tips. You can read her latest posts at StyleDownTheAisle.net

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