Uploading images and videos from device to snapchat story

As you know Snapchat is a very popular social app amongst youngsters especially. You would be pleased to know that that photos or videos of yours that you have captured can be uploaded to Snapchat by using the feature named ‘Memories’. It can be share on snapchat in both ways as a message and as a story too.

So firstly you need to learn how you can get an access to the Memories feature, let’s follow the simple procedure to get it done:

Get an access to Memories feature

The very first step is to go over to the memories feature following the steps as explained below:

  • Head up to snapchat and launch it
  • You need to navigate to the tab of camera
  • Look for the tiny two squared icon on the bottom of the screen, just click it
  • You will be able to see a new tab of Memories
  • This tab will show a grid of snaps in case you saved some, but if you don’t have any that it will be empty.

Snapchat being one of the great addition to Technology and we can securely add up our pictures and videos in snapchat stories. Techbytex in one their post has also shown that Guided Access on iPhone can also be used with Snapchat and other types of similar apps.

Now you are done with accessing of feature, so here some the process of uploading the photos and videos.

  • Look at the top part of Memories tab
  • You will be able to see further there will be some more options named as Camera roll, My Eyes only and Snaps
  • In the option of snaps there is Memories tab, you need to switch the right tab so tap camera roll
  • Now you will be asked to Agree so you can get the permission to have Snapchat to access camera roll
  • So Agree to move on
  • Now select your desired photo or video for sending it as a story
  • So hit at Edit & Send
  • If you want to edit then tap the pencil icon, you can edit it many ways by adding text, emoji, filters and cut-and-paste edits.
  • After you are done with all this then hit the blue colored button to send the uploaded snap to your ear and dear ones either as a message or as a story.
  • For the story you need to tap at the menu icon and then select the option named as ‘Create Story from this Photo or video’.

So that is how you can select more photos too if you are interested in creating your story. Snapchat makes your photos a remarkable story, it enhances the element of beauty of videos and photos by cropping it with black edges.

Guest article written by: Wayne Flores writes about Technology he is always up to try new apps, gadgets and smartphones. Other than being a passionate writer, he is a traveller who loves to explore the world. Twitter.

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