Illustration versus Photography in Web Design

People usually draw judgment on your website within 10 seconds of looking at it. On average, an adult can read up to 50 words in 10 seconds, meaning that any illustration or photo used will play a more significant role in determining whether those viewing your website will stick around. While some put great emphasis on the text on their pages, the kinds of images used are far more critical in creating a good impression for your visitors. The use of illustration advertisement or any form of imagery in designing websites can be vital when it comes to communicating your message, and at the same time dictating the tone of your site. When creating sites, decisions on whether or not to use photos or illustrations must be made depending on your brand style and which type of imagery can convey your message effectively. The goals of your web projects can also help you choose between photos and illustrations.


With illustrations come limitless opportunities for creativity in whatever design you come up with. Illustrations have many different forms, ranging from characters who look like cartoons to abstract textures. If you want to showcase a unique brand personality then illustration is the way to go. It is an option that will leave an impression that can remain in the viewer’s mind for a long time. Some of the uses of illustrations include:

Personal branding

It is the best way in which not only your personality can be displayed but also the skills you have in illustration, by representing your idea in a stylistic drawing. Illustrations not only give your brand a personal touch, but they also will help you to keep a close connection with your customers.


Creating a unique character will help develop a tangible representation of your entity that also reflects its attitude. This can only be managed with the aid of illustrations. They will help you expand your branding, and at the same time form an image that is not only long lasting but also one that your viewers can hold on to.


Photos have always been used to showcase realistic images, even though the current technology at our disposal can be used to manipulate photos to make them unrealistic. The use of photography can represent your site to the viewers as very professional, as a context that appears realistic will portray you as a reliable person. Some of the uses of photography include:

Providing a background to your page

Having a large photo in the background of your page can create an immediate impact on your viewers. If you ensure that the background image you display is detailed, then you can easily dictate the tone of your page with just one picture. Also noteworthy is that your content must revolve around the photo to avoid cases of poor readability.

Navigational elements

Photography can be an element of navigation if your image layout is engaging. The use of photography in designing websites has been popularized by the sites that share images, like Pinterest. Having photos on your page that are clickable can be the best means of engaging all your viewers.

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