4 Best Ways to Make Sure Your Documents Are Secure

by Guest Author on January 4, 2019

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As security becomes more and more of any important issue, it’s up to you as a business to make sure that you are keeping your files safe. Not only is it essential that you don’t lost any valuable information as a company, but a hack can cause irrecoverable damage to the relationship you have built with your customers. This is why is can be essential for you to have security measures in place for your files.

Here are 4 ways you can avoid losing valuable info that could affect your business.

1. Make sure you have files password-protected

A simple way to protect files and avoid issues with hackers is to make sure you have complicated passwords barring entrance to your documents. Your chosen passwords should be updated often, and they shouldn’t have any connection with other security measures you have put in place. You will also want to make sure to limit who has access to your documents and passwords so you have less of a chance of them getting leaked.

2. Keep them on another server

Having documents located in another place can be incredibly beneficial when you are worried about authorized persons accessing your files. A virtual data room can allow you to monitor who has accessed your files and how often, and having them located on another server can make it more difficult for hackers to find out where they are. You also get the added support of working with another company, can they can alert you any time there is some suspicious activity going on that might need to be looked at.

3. Encrypt your emails

One of the most common ways that data is stolen is through correspondence with others in your company. Try not to share passwords or details about what might be mentioned in certain files. You should also encrypt your emails so even if hackers gain access to your email server, they still might not be able to see what you have been sending. Encrypting your emails doesn’t take a lot of time and effort, and some email programs might already provide it as an option within its settings. This also helps you keep any information send from clients safe, as well.

4. Purchase a VPN

Another simple way to make it more difficult to track your actions online is to get a VPN. Most of them are affordable and take only a few moments to download. A VPN hides your login information and scrambles your IP address, making it a challenge to know which sites you have been to. If you store any information on a cloud or you have a website where you keep clients’ files, a VPN is one of the simplest and cheapest ways you can add to your company’s security. Even a basic VPN is better than not having one at all.

Security is becoming an important topic, and if you store any sort of valuable information whatsoever, it can become a problem for your business if it is hacked. Thankfully, some minor adjustments can help to keep your company safe and sound and your relationships with your customers solid.

Guest article written by: Alex Schnee

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