7 ways to improve online visibility

The arrival of the internet has revolutionized how business owners market their products or services. The internet has opened new mediums and avenues for reaching your customers, which is why every business today needs to have a strong online visibility, even if you don’t conduct your business online. Online visibility increases the accessibility to your business and support audience engagement, brand awareness, and additional digital marketing efforts.

Online visibility can be seen as the ranking or positioning of your site in organic search results. In other words, online visibility means how easy it is for your potential consumers to find your business online. Your business could be losing lots of potential revenue without strong online visibility. Here are seven ways you can improve your business online visibility.

1. Update your Google My Business (GMB) listing

 Having a high-quality GMB listing that is frequently updated with clear and accurate contact details and opening hours is an excellent way of increasing the visibility of your business website. Moreover, spending more time upgrading and perfecting your GMB has a lot of other benefits. The potential customer in your local area will be able to find your business more efficiently, and you can start collecting and implementing feedback.

We highly recommend reaching out to your existing customers, asking them to write you a Google Review to increase the effectiveness of your Google My Business listing.

2. Blog

A blog is one of the most effective marketing tools for small business and is the heart of inbound marketing strategy. You can provide value to your target audience and showcase your expertise with your blog. The more high-quality content you create for your target audience, the more visible your brand will become.

With every new page, you post on your site, the more digital footprint you have and the more opportunity you have to rank for a particular keyword phrase. So, try to blog as regularly as possible to increase online visibility, and your website can rank higher in the search engine results.

3. Optimize for local SEO

You don’t have to be a Search Engine Optimization specialist to increase the online visibility of your content and business. By generating quality content and utilizing basic on-page SEO, you can improve your content ranking in the local search results. The ranking of your service or product on the search engine will mostly depend on your industry and competition. SEO is one of the most effective tools you can use to make sure your target audience never searches in vain for your service or product.

4. Utilize social media

Every business can benefit from engaging in social media activity. Becoming active and choosing the right platforms for your business – this requires boosting your visibility by posting engaging content, interacting with your followers, and asking questions. Also, make sure all your social media is optimized, consistently branded, and well written because your social media profiles usually appear in the search engine results.

Also, ensure you include accurate contact across all profiles. The aim of creating a significant digital footprint with your site as the hub is to make sure there are several ways your target audience can find your business.

5. Optimize your website

Whether you are updating your existing site or starting from scratch, you need to optimize it for search. You may need to look at searchable keywords and SEO for your business to rank in the search result. For starters, identify significant keywords that are related to your company and those your target audience are likely to use while searching.

Also, you can embed the keywords in your alt tags, title, and meta description to improve the online visibility of your company. You should also optimize your website for easy navigation for both the desktop and mobile device. According to research, when searching for a product or service, 96 percent of potential customers make use of their mobile device. So, if your website is not responsive and mobile-friendly, you are missing out significantly and now is the time to reach out to website developer like SketchCorp. Brisbane to completely optimize your website for mobile users.

 6. Manage your reputation

Brand visibility can take your company to the next level when the visibility is positive and filled with overwhelmed customers. If you are putting your brand out there for your audience to enjoy, don’t forget to build a good reputation. You should have an effective strategy for dealing with customer reviews because it can go a long way in developing your brand visibility positively. Moreover, handling negative reviews professionally can also have a positive result for your business.

7. Leverage e-mail marketing

This is one of the most powerful and inexpensive ways to market and make your business visible. Whether you send special sale announcements or newsletters, email marketing allows business owners to get repeat exposure with their customers and target audience. Start by providing a thoughtful incentive for new subscribers by offering whitepaper, eBooks, or discount on product or service.


Your online presence is one of the most important factors to growing your business, improving search ranking, and audience base. Compared to your competitors, a high level of visibility equates to more sales while also preventing your competition from increasing their market share. Hopefully, you have been able to learn how to improve your online visibility. Use the above seven ways to boost your business visibility and expand your online marketing.

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