Fields Digitalized Forms to reduce the Paperwork from the Root

by Klaus on July 31, 2019

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The Electronic forms can be defined as the online forms, web-based pages or electronic documents which are designed to validate, capture and submit the data in forms process. Electronic forms are also known as the e-forms and it provides a series of fields where the data is collected through the web browser. This form took the place of the paper forms and used in the data collection process to the recipient for the forms processing with more effective and more efficient manner. This data collected electronically can be a speed back-end processing of form-based information and this information can be exchanged through the back-end system.

The e-form is computer-based program version of the paper forms other than eliminating the cost of printing, distributing, storing and wastage of obsolete forms can be filled quickly because all the functions and programming is associated with them so this form can automatically calculate, format and validate all the information for the user. Using digital signature and routing through the e-mail approval of the form cycle can be significantly reduced. The cost of rekeying and the associated errors can be reduced by submitting the complete detail through the e-forms.

Submitter of the Form

This form provides a great simplicity to the form submitter in the process this provides the functionality to complete the form electronically, which means they doesn’t require to mail the form and it saves time and money as well. This process can be completed by single-handedly; they never require someone to start or to complete the process. And at any time, they can fill the form from any place. No doubt the form submitter will get the confirmation mail on the spot once the form gets submitted.

Process Walk-through

  1. This process starts getting navigated the user to the form directly and the completely fills all the necessary information in the form correctly and submit the forms for the further processing.
  2. After the form gets submitted then it transfers all the data associated with that submission to the proper form server with all clear completed form field values, document attached, and all identity for information on who completed the form.
  3. After it gets received, the server automatically starts initiates downstream processing this process includes several actions in it and the further actions can be triggered as well like scheduling an appointment with the customer and processing for the sales or sales order.
  4. After all the approval process the entire transaction, receipt and the submitted forms may be recorded.
  5. At the end of the process the information which is captured from the field can be leveraged by business intelligence reports for providing all the report on which the management team gives feedback on the effectiveness of the form, and with all captured metrics from the data which is submitted to understand the overall trend of the data which is collected from the field by the field person.

With this advanced technology of document management software and using electronic forms software every firm can automate their form processing and can eliminate the inconvenience of doing manually process, filling forms and routing as well. 

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