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by Emily on November 21, 2019

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Are you someone who thinks there is no way that SEO and CRO must play collectively in a nice manner? If yes, then you would be surprised to know that in most of the cases, CRO does not conflict with SEO but they complement each other well. Most of the marketers find maintaining the balance between CRO and SEO strategies a difficult task for B2B Lead Generation. However, given how efficient both the methods are individual, putting them jointly can help in ranking the website faster and generating more conversions. Nowadays, your website must be searchable and also address customer’s issues. Unless your site does not provide value to the visitors, conversion rate won’t go high at all. 

CRO, or as we call it Conversion Rate Optimization, refers to the site’s optimization for making sure that prospective consumers have the “easy breezy” browsing experience on the website, leading to the conversion. On the other hand, SEO i.e., Search Engine Optimization is the procedure of optimizing the website for getting a better rank by the search engines, specifically Bing and Google as well as it also works for increasing the quality and quantity of a site with the help of organic search results. Since the Google Algorithm works through addressing and predicting the online behavior of the searcher, marketers can blend CRO and SEO strategies as well as run the winning campaign. 

Below mentioned are the top 6 reasons to illustrate how CRO and SEO complement each other – 

1. Speed Up Page Load Time – The page loading time is undoubtedly an appealing concern. While the slow page load times are the ranking factor for Google when it comes to getting the SEO right, this is the bigger issue for CRO. When the user clicks on the page of your website from search results, the page will start loading. However in case, it loads way too slowly due to which a user clicks away, it counts as the bounce rate from your website, needless to say, a great negative from the CRO perspective. 

So what to expect for the page loading speed that is proper for CRO and SEO benefits? Moreover, 2 seconds or less is regarded as the correct amount of time for page loading. At the speed of 2 seconds, sites can expect the average bounce rate of approximately 9.6% while at 4 seconds, it almost gets doubled to 17.1%, as well as if the page takes 7 seconds, it jumps up to 32.3%. 

2. A/B Testing – CRO utilizes A/B testing widely for determining which of the web pages will probably deliver maximum conversions. The data from these tests can be used for also engaging those visitors who are coming from the search engines. It modifies the bounce rate, therefore leaving the positive impact on the site’s search engine ranking. If you know what is SEO, then you might also have an idea that though A/B testing was being a bit overlooked in this sector, now it is at the forefront. 

For performing the best possible A/B tests, you should first understand some details about those clients who are visiting your site. You must know how are they when it comes to their background and demographics. When you comprehend this data, you are in a better position of creating content that is beneficial for your website, and then running iterations through the A/B testing for finding which version is most efficient. 

3. Improve the user experienceGoogle has created actual guidelines that can assist companies better their UX. While the search engine emphasized that user experience is not regarded as the ranking factor, one cannot deny the significance of UX and this is the major reason why SEOers should take a keen interest in this aspect for getting the most out of it. 

UX i.e., user experience has become the relevant factor across both CRO and SEO, as the webmasters are attracted to looking for the most suitable methods to draw the attention of customers and make sure they get exactly what are they searching for from their website. 

Here are some amazing ideas for improving the website’s UX – 

  • Include the site search – One of the major things is that the site search should always return the result, even in case nothing is available under the basic parameters of the search, and it is the better idea of showcasing famous products instead. 
  • Permit guest checkout – Google suggests that you must not insist that the users generate the account with the website for making the purchase. 
  • Simplify the forms – Google recommends that the forms must be as simple as possible for the users to go through and also suggests a wide variety of ways through which one can achieve this. 
  • Improve the CTAs – You must make it a point that your major CTA i.e., Call-to-action goes above the fold on the page of your site as well as it is the descriptive and clear CTA. 

4. Produce top-quality content – While people are searching for particular things and answers, they generally type various words in the search. Now, those words can become the key to the ranking success in case you include the same throughout your site ad copy and content. A person who is fully aware of what is CRO and SEO knows that both these terms depend upon relevant content.

CRO needs to-the-point and lucid content to communicate the brand’s message efficiently while SEO aims at optimizing creative content for the targeted keywords. In a nutshell, for both SEO and CRO, the content must be simple and error-free. Use important videos and images amid paragraphs for making the content more interactive. Needless to say, content is king in both CRO and SEO. In SEO, good quality content makes you win backlinks while in CRO, it gives you consumers. You must never permit technical aspects to overshadow what is significant i.e., creating worthwhile brand experiences and gripping value proposition.

5. Become Mobile-friendly – There are several elements to the mobile rankings on Google that the webmasters are required to think about and modifying mobile experience can become a lot simpler than you believe. First and foremost, fast page loading becomes quite necessary. However the additional SEO facets, like several pages read by the visitors and the period of their stay, also play an inevitable role.

An important aspect to consider here is that when you optimize the site’s mobile version, you will notice the advantage in terms of both your CRO and your SEO. For a very long time, it has been considered that consumers are glad to read, research, and browse on mobile websites, however transforming is something not likely to happen. But today, the scenario has changed. Along with the fact that it is important when it comes to an actual number of organic visitors, this is becoming increasingly significant when it comes to sales as well. 

Need more conviction? Here are some basics that prove the exceptional SEO and CRO link– 

  • Having relevant and clear headlines, rather than excessively unique ones, will better both CRO and SEO. 
  • The conversion-optimized page will be more user-friendly and get referrals and inbound links, thereby modifying SEO. 
  • The conversion-optimized page must include a lot of significant keywords that match what the visitors are looking for on the Internet. 
  • Using plain content hierarchy, along with appropriate heading tags, will assist with SEO and keep the focus on the message’s progression and aid the conversion. 
  • Search engines will be more likely to favor those pages which are frequently updated. Furthermore, keeping content and layouts fresh will prove effective for both CRO and SEO. 
  • Replacing the complex presentations with understandable written pieces will modify your conversion rate and SEO. 
  • Pages that aim at the single product or topic improve the conversion rates and achieve better search engine rankings. 

Companies must look at CRO and SEO as the joint discipline with the same aims. Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Optimization, while not aligned all the time, are not at all enemies. Rather, investing in the conversion optimization must and often does enhance rankings. Similarly, a strategic outlook to SEO enhances target visitors and conversion volume. 

Only having a good SEO plan is not sufficient as there has to be a robust and efficient conversion strategy in place. As SEO will offer you more site traffic, CRO methods will assist you to turn the leads into potential customers. As you can see CRO and SEO are the perfect matches that are made in the marketing heaven. When utilized strategically and correctly for complimenting one another, it holds the ability to boost each other’s power and efficacy, and will also significantly benefit you in terms of sales from your site. 

While assessing or determining the digital strategy, it is important to remember that CRO and SEO go hand-in-hand. Developing an integrated plan that balances CRO and SEO tactics will drive the greater volume of top-quality website leads. 

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