Want to become a nail technician? Here’s the equipment you need

So you’ve decided to become a nail technician, you’ve gained the relevant experience and qualifications, you’ve found work within a salon, or maybe you’ve decided to start your own business. You now need the essential equipment to put your skills to the test. Having the correct equipment and supplies is crucial to your success as a nail technician. You want to give your clients an organised and professional service, ensuring that they return to you again and again.

We’ve broken down exactly the equipment you need to provide an excellent nail experience.

Nail clippers

Nail trimming is an essential part of any nail service. A well-equipped nail technician requires a few different types of nail clippers. Standard nail clippers are helpful to have on hand, especially for clients who do not have acrylic nails. Nail edge clippers, however, are stronger, allowing you to shape acrylic nails – easily creating a straight or rounded edge. Don’t forget toenail clippers, too, as they are specifically designed for toenails and make pedicures much easier.

Acrylic nail kits

Acrylic nails are one of the most-requested services in a nail technician’s day. First and foremost, when creating acrylic nails, you need to invest in salon quality nail tips. Salon suppliers offer sets of nail tips which include up to 500 varieties, meaning you can accommodate a wide range of customers. You will then need acrylic powder, acrylic liquid, a glass cup, and a brush.

Cleansers and removers

Nail cleanser helps to keep nails – as well as the skin around them – clean, preventing infections. It also helps acrylic nail tips stick better to the client’s natural nail. Nail polish remover is also a must-have, but be sure to invest in a high-quality product which also moisturises the nail and surrounding areas.

Nail files

Variety is the spice of life when it comes to nail files. Your kit should include nail files with rougher and smoother edges, as well as a diamond nail file – a highly hygienic and durable nail file coated in diamond dust. An electric nail file is also useful if you’re short on time. If you keep a variety of files, no nail will be a challenge to you – meaning you can file away rough and broken acrylic nails, and even remove stubborn nail polish.

Manicure bowl

As a nail technician, you are frequently required to soak the client’s nails. A small, round bowl will suffice, but you can also pick up a specially designed manicure bowl,allowing the client to rest their hands while their nails soak.

Cuticle kit

A proper manicure involves tending to the client’s cuticles, as nails need to be as prepared as possible. Be sure to stock cuticle exfoliator, cuticleoil, a cuticle pusher, and cuticle nippers.


Don’t underestimate the importance of nail technician insurance. Accidents happen and nail treatments can go wrong, so make sure you cover yourself and make beautiful nails without any risk.

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