Options and Feature checklist before installing the Car Park Ticket Machine

Access Control Solutions provides exceptional products and support services for every aspect of your traffic control and parking payment system. Each car park ticket machine provides a convenient way for you to collect payments, provide receipts and monitor the traffic flows during critical periods.

Traffic patterns and monitoring systems often work in tandem with payment systems, and the automated solution is very popular with property owners who manage large facilities with spacious parking lots. The system of your choice can always be adjusted to fit specific requirements you may have, so never hesitate to ask our qualified experts about the available options.

Car Park Ticket Machine Systems

Automated payment systems simplify the process of collecting payments from customers who use your parking garage or lot. The payment options are a key feature for many large commercial complexes because the automation allows documentation to be produced in a systematic manner.

This can help businesses and enterprises maintain internal controls while generating the data necessary for external reports. All of our products are guaranteed for your convenience, enhanced productivity and security.

Each garage will require a car park ticket machine system that is suitable for the specific needs of each client. Work with our professional team of experts to customize the solution that best fits your requirements. Each payment solution provides a user interface on a surface that is built for durability and longevity.

The machines come in various dimensions and sizes, and we work with each client to ensure that the ticket machine will fit into the allotted space. The ability to design a system that suits your unique requirements is a contributing factor to the capacity of your business to achieve long-term revenue goals.

Car Payment Options

Adaptability and flexibility is the hallmark of our systems. When we install each payment system, we go through a series of procedures to ensure optimal installation and implementation. Each payment system is available for customization in order to meet your specific needs.

Whether you have a single parking garage or multiple installations to manage, our solutions can handle large traffic volumes with the highest degree of accuracy and speed. We also provide complete support services even after you select one of our premiere pay stations:

• The cross VT terminal is an efficient solution for most simple entrance points.

• APTM pay stations use a 12-volt DC with a powerful power supply to maximize efficiency.

• The automatic car park barrier features a long arm that is 895 mm from the ground. It has an expected life span of at least four million cycles before any warning of product failure.

• Our pay-and-display parking ticket machine is scaled for large traffic volume and multiple payment sources to maximize revenue streams. An attractive option on this unit is the exact change return slot.

• The cross APTL automatic pay station features a vandal protection rating of IK 10 and a total weight of 105 kg.

Customization and Adaptability

Adaptability of each car park ticket machine enables our clients to achieve the customized results that are required in a specific environment. Each parking garage will have limits on the dimensions of the entrance and exit points.

The ticket terminal or pay station can be customized to suit the needs of a specific space, and our experts are qualified and experienced in implementing your design plans for any parking garage or commercial space.

Our technologies are innovative and adaptive, and we are always updating our systems to ensure compliance with regulatory standards while optimizing customer service. We maintain a unique internal system that encourages our professionals to upgrade their skills while striving for excellence in customer service.

In addition, we guarantee our work so that you can experience the best solution under the most comfortable conditions possible. Contact one of our friendly service professionals with any questions you may have about our products, software solutions, installation procedures or long-term support services.

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