New Tech Features Still Require Security Measures

It is safe to say that the technology industry is exploding faster than any other. It seems like every week we read articles about the latest and greatest gadgets that are replacing devices that were already thought were pretty amazing. From smartphones and tablets to voice-assisted tech and more, this is a great time to be a technophile.

As we purchase these innovative new tech products, we can’t become lax about keeping them, and the info they contain, as safe and secure as possible. With this in mind, let’s take a look at three of the coolest new features on tech products as well as important security measures to consider.

Sharing login info across devices

Not that long ago, if you didn’t know the password to a Wi-Fi network at a local coffee shop, you had to ask for it and hope that the manager had it handy. This process is now a lot easier in the latest version of iOS smartphones. Called “Share Your Wi-Fi,” a few taps on your buddy’s screen will populate the “Enter Password” screen on your device and help you to connect right away. All that you need is a smartphone with iOS 11 or 12 and you’ll be ready to help share login info, all without remembering or typing out often long and cumbersome passwords. 

While this feature is definitely handy, it does emphasize the need for security measures on all of your tech devices, especially when your login info can be shared across various smartphones. To keep your personal data safe, invest in an identity protection program. You can find different tiers of plans depending on your needs, and you will be immediately alerted if something is amiss with your accounts. 

Alexa: now smarter than ever

If you have an Amazon device powered by Alexa, she is now capable of doing even more tasks. New features include email management, location-based routines, smart home and home monitoring features like Alexa Guard and Amazon Music new release notifications. In the case of Alexa Guard, Alexa’s speakers can now listen for the sound of broken glass or a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm; if she detects something, Alexa will alert the user. 

While this built-in home security feature is pretty amazing, you might be wondering if Alexa is also collecting and storing all sorts of personal information about you. You can easily review everything Alexa has recorded through the app on your phone and Amazon has made it simple to delete any queries through the app’s history feature; this can help set your mind at ease that Alexa is saving only what you want her to.

iPad Pro: capable of being an everyday computer

The new iPad Pro is so sleek, powerful and easy to use, some people are considering using it in place of their regular laptop. The iPad Pro boasts a number of impressive features, including Face ID to unlock the device, log into apps and pay for things with a glance—literally. While this is a useful feature, you definitely want to be sure your new iPad Pro is as safe and secure as possible. Make sure you have enacted and always use a lock screen passcode and change your privacy settings if you are in a public area—for example, disable the notification center and the control center while in a busy airport.

Enjoy that new tech, and be safe too

As technology continues to evolve and become capable of doing even more things, ways to keep our devices safe are also continually developing and becoming more user-friendly. If you are ready to invest in the latest and greatest tech device, be sure you also know how to keep it and the info that it contains as secure as possible—you’ll be glad you did.

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