How Tech Can Improve Your Golf Game

Technology often plays a role in all aspects of life in some way, even golf, and the last couple of years have seen several advancements in golf equipment. The kind of equipment that a player uses will often play a major role in determining the state of their game. An example would be if you’re beginner to golf, it’s often a good idea to seek some assistance from technology to help you improve our golf game in the long run.

The advancements in golf equipment has made it easier and more fun to play golf. Additionally it’s not uncommon to find that most of the advanced equipment can be a little costly, but these technologies ensure the most accurate information and results. Below are some of the advancements and how they can help improve your game.

Golf Rangefinders

Due to Laser Technology, rangefinders enable golfers to know precisely how far they are from the hole. Of course there may be a marker in the heart of the fairway that indicates the golfer is 150 yards away from the hole. However, if the golfer is not close to the marker, he or she may find it difficult to establish how far the hole is. This is where rangefinders come in handy. After knowing the distance, a golfer is able to select the club which will offer the appropriate shot for the given distance.

Club Fitting Technology

Club fitting is very necessary once a beginner or a golfer of any skill level gets a new set of golf clubs. Technology has made this process easier. Using computer analysis of a golfer’s swing, a club fitting expert is able to help a golfer find the suitable clubs. They evaluate the ball flight, club head speed, grip strength and launch angle in order to come up with a decision. Club fitting will customize the clubs to meet a golfer’s specific needs hence making the game easier and more pleasurable.

Technology in Golf Clubs

Clubs are one of the key elements of golf. This is why a lot of advancements have been made to improve them. First, most clubs today have better graphite shafts which allow for longer and straighter hits. Next, driver heads are now larger to achieve more forgiveness. Aerodynamics factors are also considered when making the driver heads for less wind resistance and more speed. Then, the weight of the elements inside the clubs is now less to create more distance.

Hybrids have a higher launch angle to easily get the ball into the air. This is very convenient for amateurs. Technology has allowed for the designation of more balanced putters to enable players to keep their putts on target. There are different options (face-balanced and toe-hang putters) suitable for golfers with different kinds of putting stroke. Therefore, before making a purchase, examine your putting stroke.

Golf Ball Technology

Golf balls are another fundamental part of golfing. Technology has enabled the manufacture of golf balls with a variety of layers. They range from one- to five-piece golf balls. All these favour golfers of different skill levels. A one-piece golf ball is not that complicated and flies straighter than the others, therefore suitable for beginners. However, one-piece balls don’t fly as far as most golfers would like so they prefer two-piece golf balls. More layers help achieve more distance. As the skill levels improve, golfers opt for golf balls with more layers. Professional golfers mostly prefer five-piece golf balls.


In reflection, the right tech in golf will certainly make the golfing experience an easier process for beginners or even causals. The wrong equipment may be the reason why you are still lagging behind in golf. Modernized equipment and the assistance of the tech mentioned above may play a major role in helping you step up your game since they are aimed at making the game easier.

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