Top Mind Mapping Tools to Use In 2019

by Emily on February 10, 2019

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In the world of today where planning is one of the major aspects when starting a new business and designing strategies. Mapping comprises of strategizing and conceptualizing a new product. This can be something that might take a lot of effort and time if you do not find the correct tool to get this done. It also helps to keep you and your ideas in an organized way. There are different tools and mind mapping platforms that can help businesses of any size and needs.  You can do more planning and add more to the ways people can collaborate. Choosing the right tool can be something very tricky. Here is a list of some mind mapping tools that you can look for in 2019.


This is one of the most used mind mapping software that is used around the world. It is equipped with many useful features. These include ready-to-use images, icons, photo filters, fonts, and many other features. It helps you organize your thoughts using many appealing graphics and other things. You can use this for many different images and graphical tools as well. You can create pitches, proposals, and plans for different projects and other purposes.


The tool is one easy to use mind mapping software. It can be used to keep track of projects, create a knowledge base, brainstorming with the team and more. It gets users with almost all the essential tools. You can mind map your processes using drag-and-drop functions. There is a smart information copy-paste mechanism that is available for free. The only thing that can become a hurdle for you while using this mind mapping tool is that you might not be able to use photos and graphics content. This platform is a one-user application. This means that you can only share your work with your teammates but you will not be able to collaborate with your team at the same time.


Padlet is one of the collaborative mind mapping tools you in many ways. It can help you create documents, boards, and web pages. It is known for their intuitive interface and the universal reach. The platform is the ideal tool for businesses and individuals. It helps them organize ideas in a space that is secure and can be accessed using mobile and desktop supported devices. It is equipped with a large collection of tools. These are capable of creating content including sticky notes and essays.


MindMeister has the trust of more than 7 million users. It is an award-winning mind mapping software and applications that are web-based. The super cool features are part of MindMeister to help you as an individual or business to create a better business strategy. You will be able to carry out researches based on major details. It is one of the awesome tools that are ideal for brainstorming, making plans and taking notes and manage your meetings. It can also get integrates with several third-party apps to add more convenience. It is available for free if you want to cater more than one mind maps at the same time. You can select from a range of offered plans on a monthly basis.

You can use any of the above-mentioned mind-mapping tools and get more clear, collaborative and effective ways to work your ideas out. Many of these tools are available as free and paid versions available on the internet you can download it via high speed internet link Mediacom internet. So get any of these tools to add more efficiency to your brainstorming and meeting sessions. These tools make your processes and meeting room sessions more streamlined. If you are into a lot of discussions and presentations and notes taking, so you must know the way to manage this knowledge as well. These tools are going to get to help you achieve that.


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