What are the Top Ten Emerging Issues and Trends in Cybersecurity?

There are going to be 3.5 million new cybersecurity jobs by 2021. This is more than 350% increase compared to the year 2016. You can evaluate the amount of cybercriminals from these scary numbers. 

As things currently stand, every business is singling out a considerable budget to effectively deter the threat of cybersecurity. As cybersecurity continues to be a growing challenge, let’s talk about the top ten emerging trends and issues related to this subject:

IoT threats 

IoT stands for Internet of Things. The world was never as interconnected as it is presently. Your phone is capable of controlling the T.V, air condition, etc.


The availability of devices has increased the level of connectivity.

This interconnectedness comes with some serious drawbacks. In fact, as stats reveal, 70% of the IoT devices are posed with serious cybersecurity issues. Cybersecurity specialists will spend a good amount of time dealing with IoT threats in time to come. 

AI to favor cybercriminals and businesses  

Robots have been actively performing in every field and cybersecurity is no exception. Businesses have decided to rely on AI to tackle the threat of cyber-issues. 


The above stats show the growing dependence of businesses on AI to strengthen their cybersecurity.

However, cybercriminals can also take leverage from AI and ML (machine learning). So the attacks based on AI are likely to increase as well.  

Rise of cloud security issues 

The usage of cloud platforms has undoubtedly increased in the last few years. It is considerably reliable and safer to operate but cybercriminals can still make you lose valuable and sensitive data. This trend could pick up the pace if grave measures are not taken.

Biometric authentication gaining grounds 

It has emerged as a popular cybersecurity solution. Perhaps, it is soon going to become the most trustworthy deterrence in the face of cyber-attacks. The level of compromise is marginal but still it is not completely without insecure flipside.  


In ransomware attacks, sensitive data is stolen and kept for hefty ransom. Every year, this practice has been costing millions of dollars to victims. Big companies leave no stone unturned to protect themselves from this threat. However, rich individuals continue to confront this problem. Identity guard could work wonders for vulnerable individuals.   

Small businesses likely to face more attacks

It is easier for large businesses to protect themselves from cyber attacks because they are resourceful. But this is not the case with small businesses or individuals. For them, access to cybersecurity is getting tougher and, as a result, they are an easy target for hackers.    

The exploitation of software vulnerabilities

From messages to emails, different software are used in organizations. Since software vulnerabilities are tough to trace, they are becoming the top priority of hackers. Recent Facebook and Google Plus attacks stand as testimony.   


2017 was the year when the world saw unmatched popularity of cryptocurrencies. The system of cryptocurrencies is based upon blockchain. It is not uncommon to learn about financial losses caused in cryptocurrencies due to weak layers of cybersecurity. 

You should be mentally prepared to address three standout kinds of attacks – eclipse attack, Sybil attack, and DDoS attack.  

Rise of state-sponsored attacks 

Individuals are involved in hacking for personal gains, but the game has reached a broader level now. Countries as a whole are indulging in the malpractice. Big government sectors alongside influential private corporations are major victims. 

The dearth of cybersecurity experts 

Cybercrimes are on the rise and we need a variety of cyber professionals to nib in the bud of the menace. Currently, we are facing an acute shortage in this field. The lack of workforce is already turning out to be a severe issue.


As of now, there is probably not a single system which offers 100% protection from hackers. Quite the contrary, each year, cybercriminals come up with new tricks to breach security. You have to learn about the latest trends and issues related to cybersecurity to be on the safe side.       

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