The Ultimate SEO Checklist for the Perfect Landing Page

SEO has become so important in any website’s performance that it’s almost become a cliche to discuss it when discussing digital marketing. Even so, search engine optimization is something your business needs to concern itself with. With hundreds of features and configurations affecting your search engine ranking, however, it can be difficult to optimize your website for strong search performance. 

That being said, there are some factors that are weighed more heavily than others in Google or other search engines’ algorithms. It might be worth hiring a business specializing in on-page SEO services to assist in an audit of your website. If you’re interested in diving in by yourself before contacting another business, here’s the ultimate checklist for perfecting your landing pages for perfect SEO.

Make your page relevant

Landing pages need to make sense to a user. If you’re linking to something on your website or are directing a user to your page through a display ad online, it shouldn’t be a surprise when they follow the link and arrive on your page. Keep in mind that users will navigate away from something if they think there’s been a mistake. A high bounce rate can also negatively impact your search engine performance.

Use headlines for extra juice

Headlines have a psychological and behavioral benefit, making them hard to ignore as you look to perfect you landing page. For starters, a concise, bold header can focus a user’s attention on important offer details or information. Header tags are also weighted a bit higher in search engine algorithms, giving you a little more of a boost when it comes to search ranking, too.

Keep things simple

A landing page’s main goal is to convert customer leads for your business, so it’s best to use simple navigation elements when you create your landing page. Don’t add any extra text or images if it doesn’t assist you in achieving your company’s goals. This goes for landing pages of all types, whether they’re lead generating or are for remarketing campaigns aimed at locking in a sale.

Consider social sharing

One element that may be worth the digital real estate it costs is a social icon allowing users to share your landing page with their own network. These can help expand your reach and spread the word about your product and service, and are particularly effective with mobile users. It’s especially useful for tickets to social events like concerts or live performances that encourage the formation of a group to attend.

Keep your brand consistent

Just because you’re taking a minimal approach to your landing page doesn’t mean you shouldn’t abandon your brand. Again, users will leave if your website seems inconsistent with your company’s image. While you want to declutter your landing pages, you don’t want to rid them of the style that helps customers distinguish your company from competitors. 

Use A/B testing

Using A/B testing on randomized portions of your audience can be extremely useful for determining the most impactful content to use on your landing page. Since minimalism is your focus, every piece of content needs to count. Testing two different versions of your website with variations of testimonials, video, or pictures can help you ensure that your landing page is converting as much as possible with your users.

Optimize for mobile

Studies have illustrated that 81 percent of Americans own and use a smartphone, and a large percentage use their device for browsing the internet. If your landing page isn’t optimized for mobile, you’ll be dinged in search engine performance and users will have a frustrating experience. In 2019, it is absolutely crucial that you prioritize a strong mobile presence if you hope to appeal to customers and meet them where they are.

Optimizing your landing pages takes a variety of approaches in order to really be effective. As these sorts of pages are often the end of a customer’s journey and built with the focus of making sales, it’s vital that you ensure that your landing pages have strong search engine performance. Stick to these rules and consult with a professional SEO company, and you’ll be sure to succeed in crafting the perfect landing page.

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