Ways To Improve Office Efficiency With Technology

A typical 40-hour work week might not be enough for your office especially if there is a lot of work to be done. An eight hour day shift can often involve a lot of job roles which take up a lot of time. With the advancement of technology, it is now not a surprise that there are a lot of ways that technology can help with the daily operations of a company. I have compiled some ways to take so that you can highly optimize your office into better performance using technology.

Delegate Properly

You would be surprised just how many managers do not know how to properly delegate. Often, business owners and managers take so much of the workload that they end up carrying the entire task. On the other hand, the reverse may also hold true. What happens is they over delegate leading to overlapping duties and responsibilities.

Not only is this inefficient and affects the company’s operations, but it also spends a lot of the company’s resources. Instead, you should have a carefully mapped out plan of who should be doing what. Delegation creates accountability which makes it easier to pinpoint inefficiencies and problems. Dividing the workload and designating each task to a person that’s best suited for it will also make the entire process faster.

Creating an infographic of everyone’s skills and tasks using the proper software will easily give you an easy visual of how to efficiently run your company.

Improve Communications

Communication is key to a productive office. Technology has now brought forth a lot of messaging platforms for you to communicate with your employees. While emails and memos are still considered the most formal medium of communication, it is still better to have a much faster way of internal communication. You can easily set up Instant Messaging Platforms which allow for easier communication.

There is some pressure when it comes to composing emails. In fact, emails take up over 28% of an employee’s time in the office. An Instant Messaging Platform such as Slack, WhatsApp or Viber removes the pressure of writing properly composed and formal letters.

Set Clear Goals

Set clear goals for each staff. An employee would be working harder and much more efficient if he/she has a focused goal to aim for. There is a high chance that your employee will be working aimlessly if goals are not clearly defined. Provide specific tasks that will optimize their skills and interests.

If possible, you can include each of these goals and responsibilities on their contracts. A Contract Management Software will quickly inform you whether the KPIs that you’ve set are met by each employee — just one benefit of a Contract Management Software.

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