Website Analysis Made Easy with SiteProfiler by Mangools

Every website owner wants to improve their performance and ranking. While that’s a never-ending process and we are constantly brushing up on our skills, we can make our life and business easier with the help of the right tools.

SEO tools come in handy quite often (even the free ones) and the valuable data we get access to can be a turning point in growing our site and business.

Today, you’ll learn more about one such tool – SiteProfiler by Mangools.

The Importance of Website Analysis

Maybe you are already using a web analysis tool and think you don’t need another one. Or maybe you’ve never analyzed your site. In both cases, you need a change.

Website analysis using a proper SEO tool is a key part of running an online business. Here are some reasons why:

Oftentimes, we don’t even know what our best content is. In order to figure out which pages and articles on your website perform best, you need the help of a tool. Once you know the most popular pieces of content, you can create more of the same and give your visitors exactly what they like while increasing your traffic and sales at the same time.

Aside from analyzing your content, a web analysis tool like SiteProfiler also shares insights about your audience. You need that information – such as their demographics and interests – in order to know who your target customer is and see whether you’re attaching such visitors to your website.

Building authority and trustworthiness is essential in the digital world. You need to make sure that Google loves your site first before you expect it to rank it high. By tracking your metrics, you can always know if you’re working on the right things.

A major component of your SEO strategy is your backlink profile. The first step to improving it is checking out your current backlinks. It’s possible that there are some sites linking to you that might be hurting your reputation. Anchor distribution and how the backlinks are changing over time also give you important data that you should take into consideration when deciding how to grow your website.

Now that you know why website analysis matters in business, let’s see what the main benefits of using SiteProfiler are.

Main Features

Let’s begin with the features. Here’s how exactly the tool can help you out in your SEO game:

Domain Authority Checker

Once you type in a URL in the search field over at (best URL option for maximum results is – without www or hhtps), you’ll see a few sections.

The first one presents the main metrics of the website, such as domain authority (DA), page authority (PA), citation flow (the overall quality of the links shows how influential your domain is) and trust flow.

Aside from that, you’ll also be able to see your Alexa score, Facebook shares and number of referring IPs. All these metrics are important when determining the popularity of a website and should be monitored.

Backlink Profile

Below, you’ll find your backlink profile. You’ll see the total backlinks, as well as the new and deleted ones for the last 4 months.

There’s a graph showing how they’ve increased over that period too.

For further optimization, you get to see the type of links (text, image, redirect or frame), the ratio of dofollow vs. nofollow links as well as active vs. inactive ones (deleted).

This section of your website analysis is useful also thanks to the top referring domains and the anchor texts listed below.

Top Content

SiteProfiler has prepared your top content at a glance. You can see that by Facebook shares or by referring domains.

Audience Analysis

Find more about your typical website user here. That includes country, gender, education level, browsing location (home/school/work) and interests.

Competitor Insights

Last but not least, you’ll find more information about your competitors. There’s a direct button on each that can take you to the website analysis of that domain so you can see their backlink profile, reputation and most popular content.


The main advantages of using SiteProfiler are:

– Ease of use.

– Having all important metrics in one place.

– You can see enough data even with the free version.

– Results load in seconds.

– Reliable data.


The free version of SiteProfiler allows you to analyze 2 domains every 24 hours. For more lookups and features (as well as access to the other 4 great SEO tools of Mangools), you can get a paid package.

They offer a Basic, Premium and Agency package depending on your needs, budget and the size of your business.

Choosing the annual plan saves you 40%.

The other tools you get access to with a paid account that will help you skyrocket your online business include:

KWFinder – an easy-to-use keyword research tool;

SERPchecker – a Google SERP competitor analysis tool providing 45+ SEO metrics;

SERPWatcher – a rank tracking tool;

LinkMiner – a backlink checker tool to find backlinks to replicate.

Now that you know why website analysis is important and how to quickly look up your domain and check its popularity, best content, backlink profile and competitors, head over to SiteProfiler and try it out for free.

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