Guest Blogging  – You’ve Been Doing It Wrong All This Time!

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Digital marketing is now the main go-to strategy used by corporations and entrepreneurs worldwide. Having gained popularity for the way it bridges the gap between brands and their customers and helping brands to garner more fame, there are tons of ways digital marketing has helped businesses to grow.

Content marketing is one of the most major aspects of digital marketing. Going deeper into the world of content, tactics like guest blogging also shine through for helping businesses to gain more exposure and expand their potential clientele.

So What Is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is a method in which blogs that get tons of traffic daily readily host other sites, blogs and businesses and allow them to use their platform to gain exposure via content. The host company already has a rapport amongst the online community and gets innumerable views and clicks – by taking advantage of this, brands are able to gain popularity and get results that are just off the charts.

But did you know that like other things in content marketing, guest blogging also has its own technicalities and strengths which, when used well, reap countless benefits. Not only will you see a rise in your conversion rates, but you’ll also see new client acquisition and will have a stronger internet footprint.

From the pros of content, here are some killer guest blogging tips to help your brand reach new places.

Tip #1 – Original Content Is Always Well Received

Don’t replicate another post that you wrote for another guest blog and don’t submit an old article you’ve written on your personal blog, too. The idea of guest blogging is to use the platform to show what you’re all about and how your content is original.

A duplicated or reproduced article isn’t great for your rapport. Viewers may just skip over the article because they either know the topic too well or have “read it elsewhere” before.  So be original and pick a topic you can authentically explore.

Tip #2 – Don’t Overstuff Links to Your Site

As tempting as it sounds, don’t hyperlink tons of anchors back to your own website. Space them out and use just a few anchors to hyperlink. Overstuffing hyperlinks seems very tacky and is a very bad attempt at marketing your business to clients who are using the host’s portal.

You should also confirm with the host webpage about their requirements about links in your guest post. To make the process more streamlined and your content readable, certain websites set rules about hyperlinks and affiliate links for their guest posts.

Tip #3 – Provide Quality Content

A guest blog post is a brilliant opportunity to attract attention towards your brand. However, this is two pronged; the traffic coming your way will be because of your host’s page and secondly, the attention you will be getting will be because of how well written and empowering your content is.

No one likes a badly written blog – it’s not enjoyable or shareable and frankly, it just doesn’t fly. So use your opportunity wisely and curate quality content. Spend time to do your research, come up with concrete information and write really, really well.

Tip #4 – Include a Compelling Bio

In your guest post, be sure to include a bio that’s concise and compelling. You can also include a Call To Action (CTA), which helps the reader to access your webpage and learn more about what you do and what your brand is all about.

A strong bio is also a great way to wrap up your article. Getting readers hooked by quality content and then adding a compelling bio with a CTA is a great way to rack up traffic for your own page. So spend some time writing a great bio that spikes the curiosity of the reader enough to make them click the CTA!

Tip #5 – Follow the Guidelines of a Guest Post

Being allowed to guest post is a brilliant shortcut to getting the exposure and fame your brand needs in order to grow. However, to make sure that your content is up to par, don’t forget to check out the guidelines your guest blogging service has laid out.

The guidelines are important in order to streamline the guest blogging process, so don’t get testy when there are a few conditions and limitations listed there. You may have to limit the use of certain links or meet a certain word count – either way, do give it a read before you begin.

Tip #6 – Get Some Extra Help

Guest posts do need any extra effort. Sure, you’ve got a great team, but enlisting the help of professional writers is a good idea. When you hire guest bloggers, you’re able to produce content that is rich and original.

Besides, professional writers know how to create content that sells. They’re aware of how to use SEO and their writing skills to create a concrete brand image for you in line with the conditions and requirements of the host.

In other words, combine all of your content strategies to curate brilliant content for your hosting website. Guest blogging is a great way to rack up reviews and direct traffic your way organically, so remember these tips before you send out your blog!

It’s definitely a very rewarding venture –  many businesses have been able to skyrocket their sales numbers thanks to guest blogging. So what are you waiting for? Check out the requirements of your host and get writing!

Guest article written by: Dave is an editor at a content writing service. Having worked for 5 years in the industry, she’s very adept at working with clients who are looking to increase their SEO and SERP rankings. In her free time, she’s usually kickboxing or reading fanfiction on Sparknotes.

6 thoughts on “Guest Blogging  – You’ve Been Doing It Wrong All This Time!”

  1. Tip #3 is so true! I see a lot of guest blogs with low quality content. You have to provide good content for a post to be accepted. Thanks!

  2. I am really working on building my blog at the moment. It seems to be a pretty slow grind. I haven’t tried guest blogging yet – but that is something I think would be really helpful. I guess the first thing for me will be to find some relevant blogs to reach out to that might be interested in my content.

  3. Get some extra help is a good idea. Just like guest posting is. The problem is that when you’re starting a new blog, all the time you have is not even close to enough for your own articles.

  4. Hi Dave, These are some great tips! It’s quite daunting writing your first guest posts but definitely worth it. Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is a good stepping stone. You can gain confidence in your writing skills by contributing to articles in your niche.

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