5 Most Powerful Use Cases for ICO Technologies

Many experts suggested that one of the predictions of the blockchain usage in the future comes with the failure of many ICOs. While it is true that most of the ICOS are failing, many are successful as well. Whether you are looking to what is blockchain used for, or planning to invest in cryptocurrencies, these cases for ICO technologies might be able to help you in deciding later.


MaidSafe is the company which has been contributing to SAFE Network. It is a great example of blockchain use cases. For those who haven’t known, SAFE Network is the decentralized type of network. It is the form of decentralized data management service. And as expected from the decentralized system, it is much safer and decent. According to ico rating for running the environment, each SAFE Network participant contribute their PC resources, internet bandwidth, CPU, as well as data storage space which would then establish the large decentralized network. Now the current price of the coin is at 0.00011439 BTC.


Ethereum has not even passed the first five years yet but has already achieved such wonderful traits. It is indeed a great cryptocurrency use cases. The debut was in 2015. the pre-sales of Ether issued around 60 million ethers. Back then on August 2015, the price of ICO was still at $0.3. back then, the ICO managed to accumulate 31529 BTC. It was like a roller coaster in the past because of the volatility of the coin value. Ether ever attained $21.50 in the market. But now it is currently trading at around $10.


Storj is one of the most significant bitcoin use cases. Storj is a peer-to-peer open sourced decentralized cloud storage project. It uses the bitcoin protocol for the system. The system works by building the security for the data of the participants. It does not run from centralized platform. The debut was in 2014, the ICO price was at $0.013158 back then. Now it has  0.00019203 BTC as the price.


Augur is also a good case of blockchain usage in most recent times. Decentralized prediction market has the initial offer on August 2015. The fantastic number is at 1.3 million USD now. The platform of Augur encourages the participants to contribute for crowd-sourced information. The ICO exchange started in October 2015. the ICO price was $0.483485 back then. The total amount raised was spectacular, at $5,318,330. now the price is at 0.00375094 BTC.


Waves is also the decentralized platform which leverage the new token sales. The ICO debut started on June , 2016 with the price of ICO at 0.00119967 BTC. Then the price dropped to 0.00026187 BTC. That seemed to be drowning for many investors. However, it is now at a good value. There are a total of 85 million WAVES coin in the market cap. The crowd-funding campaign of the Waves Platform is solely to support an effort to merge Fiat and Finch.

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