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by Emily on October 1, 2019

in Cryptocurrency

We are ready to present you with a completely new level of your security – Utopia P2P ecosystem that will change your idea of safety measures in the network. This is a new approach to protecting your personal data on the world wide web!

For more than 5 years, a team of experienced developers has been working on the creation a revolutionary project that can provide you with everything you need for anonymous work on the Internet. When creating the system, all the needs of users were taken into account, and only the latest and well-proven methods of data encryption were used.

Why do you need to choose Utopia P2P Ecosystem?

Utopia P2P ecosystem is a separate system that includes everything you need in one place:

  • secure messenger “uMail” – an alternative to the popular email, which includes all the familiar features: text and voice messages (all are encrypted), group chats and channels, the ability to add photos, videos, stickers, geotags (with the help of uMaps).
  • browser “Idyll” – allows users to visit sites in the system itself completely anonymously, and without going to other systems, as everything you need is already built and created in here.
  • payment service “uWallet” – the possibility to make and receive payments on the Internet using a specially created cryptocurrency protected from market volatility Crypton. Also, there is the possibility of mining it. For each 15-minute session in Utopia, the user receives Crypton. This process can be simplified by mining bot. 
  • entertainment perk “Multiplayer games” – the ability to create games that will be a great addition to the monotonous work in the network. You can use both ready-made options, and create new ones, and then play them with your friends.
  • API – allows you to create the applications you need in the system itself, which will interact with other applications already built into the ecosystem. This provides new opportunities for network security solutions.

Unique Utopia features

What is more important is that only you have access to all your data. This became possible thanks to the unique method of encrypting your data.

1. Utopia P2P decentralized ecosystem works on the principle of decentralization of the new generationpeer-to-peer network.

Its main difference from the usual methods is the absence of a central server, i.e. the system does not have a single control center and a place where all data would be stored. All these functions are performed by each user independently: user(peer) is both client and server at the same time. This allows you to store all your information not on a third-party server, but on your local device, to which only you have access.

2. Utopia has several layers of encryption that simultaneously use combined methods – multiplayer encryption.

The ecosystem uses such a method as Elliptic curve cryptography. With this method, all your messages are encrypted by default.

At the same time, the encryption takes place in the authentication mode using the libsodium library and a special algorithm of encryption using a key that is generated for each user when registering in the system. Thus, only you will have access to your data.

3. You can work in the system completely anonymously because when you register you do not need to enter your personal data.

After creating an account and awarding your individual key, you will be able to use the system in full: use the browser, send messages and files without revealing who you are, pay for purchases, without leaving your account details.

This ensures the confidentiality of your data, traffic data, and communication content, as well as the absence of censorship and other restrictions.

The Visible Verdict!

The ecosystem has all the tools for secure and anonymous Internet surfing and communication. Today, Utopia is the only system that offers you all the cool features of anonymity and security on the Internet for free. You can use the system on any device: MacOS, Windows, LINUX, etc.

Do not miss the opportunity to ensure reliable protection of your data on the Internet! Start Using Utopia network now, be one step ahead!

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Shoaib October 8, 2019 at 10:36

Very nice review by the author.In a world of centralisation, Utopia has introduced a system which is decentralised and has highest level of privacy.i am a user of utopia and i am very much confident that utopia is going to change how we communicate.



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