Promotion of a Crypto Startup through Guest Posting: Tips to Know in 2020

Blockchain is one of the most prominent technological breakthroughs of this decade; along with the advancements in machine learning, cloud computing and the Internet of Things it became one of the things that plays an enormous role in defining the world today. It is no wonder that crypto boom caused so many new startups to appear: it is a new and volatile market, which means that everybody hopes to build a new Google or Facebook. However, the reality is quite harsh, with about 90 percent of crypto startups failing within the first year of operation, which is even higher than for startups in general.

This means that a startup in this industry has to do anything in its power to improve its promotion. Content marketing in general and guest posting in particular remain woefully underused approaches – which is exactly why you should pay special attention to them. In this article, we will cover some of the specifics of using guest posting as a crypto startup.

1. Establish yourself as an authority in the industry

The success of a crypto startup is very much dependent on the personal credibility and reputation of its founder. After all, here we are dealing with a technology that is still relatively new and unproven. Most of what people know about it is based on what they learned from individual representatives of the industry. Therefore, showing yourself as a trustworthy and reliable source of information on the subject can go a long way towards transferring this trustworthiness to your startup as well.

2. Be understandable

One of the primary reasons why crypto startups fail is because they cannot attract the attention of broader audience. This, in turn, often happens because of the nature of the industry – company founders here are often enthusiastic tech specialists with little to no entrepreneurial experience, connections in the world of business and skills of dealing with non-experts. As a result, your average Internet user has but a vague understanding of what a crypto startup actually does, let alone how it can help him/her and how it is different from fifty thousand other companies in the field. Therefore, your job is to make your business as understandable for non-experts as possible. You can achieve it by carefully selecting host blogs to publish guest posts, and taking pains to popularize blockchain in them. This means that you should not limit your campaign to blogs already dedicated to crypto niche, but also include others whose audience can potentially be interested. This guide by guest posting service Luckyposting can help you better pitch your guest posts to blogs that may be hesitant to publish them.

3. Be transparent

Perhaps recent cryptocurrency crash did not ruin blockchain altogether, but it certainly created a bear market, confirmed skeptics in their suspicions and scared off many potential investors. As many people are hazy on the technical side of things, the fact that something did not work out makes them believe that crypto in general is some kind of a scam. The only way to battle this preconception is to make your business, your services and your vision as transparent as possible.

4. Pay attention to regulations and compliance

With its focus on decentralization, anonymity and independence from external control, blockchain and cryptocurrency naturally annoy governments. They were slow to move to begin with due to their own inertia, but Bitcoin’s growing popularity causes them to take measures. Therefore, the entire industry exist in the shadow of tighter regulations and, in some countries, complete prohibition. Any crypto startup willing to stay afloat has to pay attention to the changes in this environment and build both its activities and guest posting strategy around it. Valuable content on the changes in legislature, prognoses for future, recommendations – all this can help you stand out from the crowd.

The last year or so has been tough for crypto startups and the industry on the whole. It is only natural for the general public to be wary of getting involved with such a highly volatile market. However, with the right content marketing and guest posting strategy, you can alleviate their concerns and get ahead of your competition at the same time. 

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